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Joy is Ours with Zulu Green

“Sharing my joy, pain and life with my audience while simultaneously healing and growing + experiencing beautiful Black Joy!”

Reclaiming joy is the winter motto for Zalando. For their latest, “Joy is ours” campaign, the forward-thinkers in fashion have launched a holistic holiday view. This season is all about reflecting on the moments which bring us joy, returning to the special memories of the past year (despite our trials and tribulations), as it is here we must hold on to our loved ones be immersed in the power of community. To mark this manifestation of the essential human emotion, Glamcult gathered a collective of creatives who represent joy; those who evoke happiness and unapologetically seek good. In doing so, we, of course, had to speak with musician, artist and ‘vibe translator’, Zulu Green. From community, to love to that ‘crazy pink antenna’ – their positive energy is forever intoxicating, encapsulating the very meaning of joy. 

Hey Zulu, thank you for talking with me today! Could you begin by explaining your approach to creating music?
Thank you for having me! =) There is no standard approach really. Creativity is such a magical thing, your senses and spirituality really need to be open to receive and tap into that well of creativity. When I’m in this state, the second step is to translate whatever or whoever has been inspiring me lately. It is the thing that makes my throat chakra vibrate. At the end of the day, that is what I am as an artist, a vibe translator, translating vibes through my crazy pink antenna.

What has the artistic journey to today looked like for you?
Up until now, in all honesty, my artistic journey has been bold but hesitant at the same time. I am used to going through things on my own, in private. I found it hard to take my fans on that journey with me through the dark/hard times. But this year made me realize that all my heroes in music and art, did exactly this. The artists I look up to gave me the chance to grow with them. So my artistic journey in the next year will hopefully be; Transformative. Sharing my joy, pain and life with my audience while simultaneously healing and growing + experiencing beautiful Black Joy!  Taking people on a trip with me to see the process of caterpillar to butterfly.


Creative joy and inspiration are so important. What have you been inspired or moved by recently?
Amapiano is the top thing that inspired me this year 100%! It gives me joy, it brings me back to my roots and to me, it is a spiritual experience. Growing up I always associated techno and other alternative sub-genres within the Dance scene, with white people and white parties. This, in itself, is not a problem, but I just noticed that the crowd never looks like you at these events. If I went to a Festival, I felt like I had to move the way the dominant culture there was moving and dancing. Amapiano is rediscovering techno through our eyes and hearing. I literally had to relearn the way I move to this music. Oh boy, doing this together with the people that share the love for this music! Oh, my days. It’s a tribal, spiritual experience. The cherry on the cake is that this sound, amongst other sounds, represents the richness of Africa. So when I say Amapiano to the world, I am actually saying AFRICA TO THE WORLD!

What does the term ‘joy’ bring to mind for you? People, places, activities…
Music/Art, Love, Beautiful Women, Creation, Sex(uality), Traveling, Psychedelics, Being able to live and love in the now.

The holiday season is finally here! What is the best gift you have given and/or received?
Ultimately, to love and to be loved in return is the greatest gift ever. So my answer, especially in the midst of these crazy times is; Love, Love, LOVE!

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Images courteously of Zulu Green

Words by Grace Powell