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KABUL à GoGo is lighting up Utrecht's nightlife

 There is a natural ebb and flow to the Netherlands’ nightlife ecosystem and KABUL à GoGo is sowing the seeds to THE new spot. 

Hey Utrecht, oh do we have some news for you. There is a natural ebb and flow to the Netherlands’ nightlife ecosystem and KABUL à GoGo is sowing the seeds to THE new spot. KABUL à GoGo is inspired by the stories passed down from founder Omar Waseq’s parents of Kabul and its energy – where music filled the streets uniting its dwellers. There are absolutely no limits to this experimental space – we mean, there’s a literal food court – so everyone, this is your sign, it’s time to get excited.

The club itself has two special rooms. There is Zohal – AKA the BIG room – which can hold from 650-1750 people and Abu – AKA the intimate room – which can hold about 250 guests. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to explore, with a 24-hour license KABUL à GoGo will basically become our new home.

And on that note, we’ve got to talk about the opening party – and by party we mean PARTY. That 24-hour license is going to be put to work baby, with a 56-hour weekender from April 12th-14th. And guess what? We got a special sneak peek into the lineup. There are some special familiar faces, Slimfit and chananja, who you will definitely recognize from various Glamcult events. Ticket sales begin March 12th, so get ready to race. Okay okay enough talking, let’s get into the lineup.

Previously the programmer at Kanaal 40 and a seasoned face on Garage Noord’s lineup, LazerGazer is so defining the moment. As she fluctuates between bass, percussion, breaks, electro, she interprets gender through an experimental filter. Adaptability is LazerGazer’s middle name, and her dynamic sets prove it. In fact, you may also recognize her sets from DeSchool, Ankali, or maybe even Lente Kabinet.

Blending quirky with the tangible, pharfetchd is creating an undeniably groovy sound. For about a decade, pharfetchd has been on a musical journey like no other. They’ve dipped their toes – and to be honest maybe even their whole body – into the many styles electronic music has to offer while simultaneously staying true to their intuitively crafted composition. But here’s the thing, pharfetchd knows that the secret sauce to great music is collaboration – even in moments of solitude. So expect the unexpected, and get ready to groove.

Clara Franke

Becoming a nightlife household name, Verity is an artist in residence at OOST, Garage Noord, and Operator Radio – crazy, we know. Coming from both Detroit and the UK, she gets to pay homage to both of her cities in a special way. Walking the fine line between experimental and danceable, Verity combines UK bass to jungle to techno covering all the fav sounds – and then some.

After hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time at the age of 13, QUANZA was obsessed – and of course needed to become his own guitar teacher. But then, only a few years later, Flying Lotus made him want to produce electronic music. The result? A career that blends the two, combining live instrumentation with electronic music. You can expect anything from experimental hip hop to electronic jazz from QUANZA’s attention-grabbing tracks. In fact, from the amount of attention his early tracks received, he is now set to release his debut EP “OPEN THE GATES” in June 2024.


Brendan Reterink

From footwork, to 90s house, UK Garage, and Jungle, Askmelater has an undeniable flair. Their sets at Doka, Basis, Ekko, and Wildburg bring an unmatched energy to the dance floor, granting them a spot on the 3voor12 ones to watch list. As a radio host, Askmelater has a unique ability to curate local sounds, which mixed with their music, has landed them residencies at radioradio, future-intel, and StrandedFM. Luckily for us, Askmelater will soon grace KABUL à GoGo.

Words by Ella Paritsky

Images courtesy of the artists