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Graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy, Kidä is a fresh face on the scene. Sultry, invigorating and a woman whose synonym makes me think only of Power- Kidä is a state of mind. Her latest single Kneel To You had us – quite literally- doing just that. With artist Ina Chen by her side, this is a vision you do not want to miss. We spoke to the songstress about her intersectional attitude towards creativity and breaking the cycle as we enter 2021.

So your new single! There’s some pure transcendent energy behind Kneel To You, What was the inspiration?

It’s so curious to see how people react My inspiration is always only a starting point to how it eventually gets perceived. It began from the dynamic between two people, where one is threatened by another and trying to cast them into the shadows. It’s about breaking out of a cycle. 

Very relatable as we leave 2020… though not sure how much success we have had so far!  There’s a strong message here to be translated behind the video, could you talk me through it?

Bare with me, because its kind of a funny one! The video was in collaboration with Ina Chen, who was able to run with my vision which was inspired by this glowing dress which essentially became the art direction. The video is a psychedelic montage of a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly, I am the caterpillar who is disempowered in this embryonic state of transformation. In the end, you see the butterfly burst out of the egg….


 There’s a continuous balance in your work of digital production to new-age spirituality. Where does this come from?

As an artist, it’s always intriguing to use whatever mediums are available to you- and a lot of it was due to quarantine. It creates freedom, the digital realm. I’ve always been interested in the surrealism of the 1900s and those landscapes really speak to me – the post-apocalyptic world- life but mutated. Within this world, everything is occupying a more dreamlike state and was able to do that through these states.

This manipulation of the physical to the digital and vice versa is surrealism in itself. 

I’m just curious in a lot of different formats and its so exciting to work with different people.

You mentioned the dress being an inspiration for the video- does fashion regularly play a role in your creativity?

It all comes back to being a visual thinker. Colours, textures, patterns and shapes… I usually go through a lot of phases. Right now im really into camels, reds and oranges. 

Shot by @lukejascz Makeup by @soniakieryluk Wearing @_falash_ Produced by @zwyrtek__dominik  Studio @cotamstudio

Does everything start with this palette?

Yeah! When living in London, I was around a lot of designers and we intermingled. My passion came from there. 

How does the energy shift between London and LA?

LA is a place I come to retreat to, I don’t need to see anyone when I come here. It allows me privacy, and I disappear into the studio and my friend’s homes. Freedom comes from this, as essentially im kind of hermetic. Especially this year. I’m so comfortable in this state, and that’s definitely what the video speaks to. 

A state we are all currently in.

Definitely. But there’s a lot more to come! I’ve been a grumpy dragon sitting on all of my jewels, so I’m looking forward to being able to share that with the world soon…

Can’t wait! Thank you for talking with me today.

You too!


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Words by Glamcult