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KMRU takes us into his MicroVerse

A Rewire world premiere

From studying sonic arts in Berlin to creating otherworldly musical atmospheres, Joseph Kamaru (aka KMRU) is fully immersed in the beauty of sound. Improvisational and inherently inquisitive, his latest project – in collaboration with Dutch filmmaker, Donna Verheijden – is a cacophony of audiovisual reflections. We quickly checked in with the creative, catching him just before his flight the Barcelona to discuss the Rewire premier and the foundations of his sound.

Your work in many ways builds universes, immersing the audience within sound and taking them on an inward journey. Is this intentional or a natural result in the creative process?

My process is always fluid and improvisatory. Im always building narratives with sounds and using field recordings enhances this best.

 For Rewire 2021, you have collaborated with filmmaker Donna Verheijden; how was this experience? Also adding a visual component to your work…

It was a smooth collaboration, we had our initial conversation about what we wanted to do and shared different ideas of how this would turn out to be. Both of us are concerned with the acoustic environments, and this was the basis of the piece, encouraging a broader awareness of what’s around us, longing for being in nature. This continued with a back-and-forth iteration of the sound piece and visual elements and text.

‘MicroVerse’ represents a discourse between the two of you, as well as being in nature. Could you talk me through the inspiration, starting point and how the project developed to what it is today?

We live in a profound polyphonic world where every kind of material, living – nonliving has an acoustical property. MicroVerse began with a discussion of tiny microorganisms, plants, animals and anything we can think of that’s miniature. The piece acts as a reflection of our anthropocentric human consciousness of aurality. An awareness of these organisms, sounds and attuning ourselves to them. 

We are them; they are us.

Your art is inherently exploratory and therefore unique. What motivates you to create?

A lot is inspired by my surroundings and questioning different aspects of it, focusing more on listening.  Just as sounds from the outside are unexpected and uncontrolled, I try to borrow this aspect in my work and the tools that I use for creation.

Three records and having already had several amazing achievements in your career so far; what are you most proud of, and what do you hope to achieve in the future?

I have been reflecting a lot on my work and process. Im grateful to see the immense love for my work. It’s always a motivation for me to keep doing my thing. I am most proud of all my work! Every project that I’ve done or been involved in had played a role in my practice.  

Tune into MicroVerse @ Rewire.nl

19:50 -20:05 / Channel 1

Words by Grace Powell