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Sounds to feed your soul and art to please the mind

Let’s just start off by saying wow, what a weekend. Filled with sounds to feed your soul and art to please the mind, Lente Kabinet 2022 was nothing but good vibes. For the ninth edition of the festival, the lineup consisted of an exciting mix of international and local artists whose crafts seamlessly wove together to make the Lente tapestry that we all know and love so much. But fear not, if you didn’t get a chance to attend this year – or you’re mentally still there 😉 – we’re here to give you the full recap of what went down this magical weekend. 

As we all trickled into Twiske Saturday afternoon, we were greeted by Guenter Råler with their fusion of human and digital sounds. Their cinematic set was the perfect introduction to what was to come. Shortly after over at the Eerste Kamer, we were met with Suze Ijó and their Detroit jazzy funk blend along with the one and only Arp Frique & Family. The musical group has an unprecedented blend of Cape Verde boogie and Surinamese funk –  so if you are unfamiliar with Arp Frique then get familiar. As the sun began to get lower in the sky, Ceephax Acid Crew hit the stage with their synth-driven lives. And then, our love, Eris Drew – A.K.A. The High Priestess of the Motherbeat – came on. Drew’s sound is like no other as she lays the foundation with funk and classic breakbeats, evoking an unexplainable feeling within all of us. To round out the day, we also had the Patta Soundsystem stage and numerous art experiences such as Telemagic’s touch-sensitive wishing well and Mette Sterre’s unforgettable performance art. 

After just enough sleep, day two began. We started the day with Sekan who, through music and masterful storytelling, tells the suppressed stories of Indonesian history. Over at the Third Chamber followed a live set by Meetsysteem who gave a breathtaking performance – doing what they do best – forging indie, electro and cabaret into the sounds of club. But this act was a double treat with Otim Alpha, who gives an electronic twist to Ugandan wedding music. With live bands and unforgettable rhythms, this act undeniably set the mood for the rest of the night. We took a small break from the dancing and appreciated the fluid architecture of Children of The Light and the interactive experience of Elsemarijn Bruys. Later in the day was OR:LA, the eclectic DJ who magically turns dubby classics into disco and rave. We finished the weekend on the highest note possible with the legendary DJ Marcelle, the Dutch punk hero who has been making generations mosh for decades. In our opinion, this was the best way to end, with THE respected underground. 

Images courtesy of Lente Kabinet

Words by Ella Paritsky