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Let’s Futureproof with Mera Bhai

Muggy Monday? We have the answer!


Summer is over, but Mera Bhai is certainly sun-soaking our September. Last week the London-based DJ blessed us with the upbeat anthem Mañana Groove in anticipation of his debut album “Futureproofing”, set to release on October 9. Somehow, simultaneously kick-back and get-up, Mañana Groove embodies the “I’ll do it mañana” answer to life’s responsibilities. An immediately energetic tune, this three and a half minutes of escapism cuts a unique course through Bhai’s Eastern and Western musical influences. Imagine splicing Indian Carnatic music, Arabic Rai and 70s Disco with 80s/90s Acid, House, Detroit techno and Tropicalia (oh yeah, the list goes on!). What you get is a happy, messy getaway, but one which seeks to democratise dance music, open minds, and bring people together through its glorious cultural breadth and depth. Muggy Monday? Click here to escape and pop it on the playlist. 


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Words by Rose Holmshaw