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Listen: the local heroes of Lente Kabinet ’19

Five acts that came and conquered.

Last weekend, Amsterdam once again defied the dangers of leaving city limits for the joy that is LENTE KABINET. This year’s edition of the festival brought together electronic music stars such as Peggy Gou, Gaika, Call Super, Jayda G and Dekmantel’s own soundsystem. What makes Lente Kabinet so wonderful, however, is the way it equally offers space to lesser-known talents. The heavy-hitters performed alongside Glamcult favs and family including Violet, LYZZA and Mairo Nawaz. And though we love to think beyond borders, here’s an ode to five local heroes that once again made Lente Kabinet a solid surprise.

① Who doesn’t love Karel? The Dutch producer of self-described “simple synthesizer pop” is known for live shows that see him sing as much as jump, both on stage and in front of it. Last autumn, Karel released his Life EP on De Vlieger—making him the first artist to release a collection of tracks on the newly found label of Job Jobse (who, side note, happened to close Lente Kabinet in his usual infectious fashion).

② You’ve probably seen his name pop up somewhere in the past few months. Offering a trippy and entrancing mix of disco, Italo and house, this free spirit is all about bringing people of all backgrounds together in front of his booth. An outspokenly queer artist and co-founder of the notorious HOMOOST parties in Groningen, it’s time you start recognizing his beautiful name: Fafi Abdel Nour.

③ Well, perhaps this is old news that needs no repeating. But following the release of her Wild Chamber EP last week—which truly struck a (deep, dreamy and dissonant) chord—who’d want to miss a moment with upsammy? Also, who needs hallucinogens when this wonder woman takes over the DJ booth? Thessa Thorsing is well on her way to becoming one of the Netherlands’ best electronic wizards, and nothing can break her spell.

④ What’s in a name? Well, as this one suggests, Stallion’s Stud stands for a wild and wicked gallop. The dark arts of Identified Patient and Hugo van Heijningen—both of Red Light Radio—come together under the SS moniker to form an aggressive yet hypnotizing, somehow even cohesive experience. Stallion’s Stud sits on the nostalgic border of punk and EBM, making their live show a pulsating dance sensation. Not for the faint-hearted.

⑤ Rumour has it this breakthrough talent is soon headed for clubs on all continents—and deservedly so. A set by Jasmín is steady in its surprises. Gone are the days of genre purism; why should moody electro, upbeat techno and a saucy hip-hop beat not go hand in hand? For those who arrived a little later on Sunday and missed out on Jasmín’s opening hours, make sure you come early next time (the hangover may be real, but you won’t regret it).

Words by Glamcult
Photography by Bart Heemskerk / Tim Buiting