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Looking back at Copenhagen Fashion Week

A lil roundup

Tonya Matyu

Lets take a moment to reflect on Copenhagen Fashion Week. Having happened at the end of January, CFW’s roster gets better by the season. Initially gaining mass attention with their vibrant colours and prints, playful Scandi brands began very obviously influencing the fashion zeitgeist of the time. Now, we have moved away from flashy, and into a time where beauty is found in subtly – we could keep talking about this…but that’s for another time. Anyways, the question stands, now that the attention is on CFW, how will the designers interpret the silhouettes of today in their Scandi way? It’s a good question. but instead of us rambling on and on about it, we will let the designs talk for themselves. So here is our official CFW roundup.

Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn’s ethos is encapsulated in SILENCE – a tribute to their upbringing rooted in dedication, community, and at the end of the day, the local sports club. Inspired by the harmony between on-field and off-field respect, their A/W24 collection embodies movement and function. Crafted from organic jersey and nylon, the show features technical garments designed for optimal performance. Each piece reflects a commitment to embracing the essence of SILENCE: a fusion of passion, respect, and emotional connection within the sports club itself – a theme that has burgeoning relevance this Copenhagen season…

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

A/W24 collection pays homage to the pioneering female aviators embodying their bravery and independence. Sleek silhouettes along with purposeful laterging evokes a boyish yet feminine aesthetic, crafted to endure the elements while celebrating the practicality of historical aviator uniforms. Inspired by Amelia Earhart’s fearlessness, the collection’s palette of browns, creams, burgundy, and greys in wool, denim, and leather, reflects the boundless sky. 

Rolf Ekroth

Titled “Dear Night”, Rolf Ekorth’s A/W24 collection delves into the world of Finnish winter sports by drawing inspiration from personal memories and the ambiance of 1980s Finland. This collection is a nostalgic tribute to traditional winter sports such as cross country skiing, ski jumping, ice hockey, and snowboarding. Ekroth’s designs blend athleticism with nostalgia, reimagining iconic sportswear pieces through a lens of familial warmth and shared experiences. Hand-knitted ski jumping suits, soft knitted sweaters reminiscent of ice hockey shirts, and accessories paying homage to Finnish handicraft traditions create a unique blend of heritage and modernity. It’s sporty, it’s winter-y, and above all it’s fun.


Vain presented its AW24 collection, “MarriedtotheVAIN”, which explores the balance between work and life in Helsinki style. Inspired by the hustle of Tokyo’s businessmen, the early trap era, and Helskini’s vibrant nightlife, the collection tells a compelling story of navigating daily life. Blending formal business attire with the comfort of streetwear, sleek silhouettes and relaxed designs are accented by glittery elements reminiscent of contemporary trap music aesthetics. VAIN also introduces the “VAINUpcycled” product line, crafting from post-consumer textile waste, as part of its sustainable fashion initiative. 

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Words by Ella Paritsky
Cover image courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week
Cover image photography by Tonya Matyu