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Workin' 9-5...what a way to make a living?


Lorenz checks the data


Emerging artist Lorenz Wanker presents a compelling collection that dissects the essence of the 9-5 routine by crunching down on the numbers that confine and characterise our lives – and boy is it eerie. Based in Vienna, Lorenz works with metal sculpting techniques to provide his pieces with an industrial rawness, that projects a stark, inhuman coldness. The Binary Office Chair collection makes us reflect on the elusive boundary between ourselves and the encompassing data that fills the work routine. In doing so, he defamiliarises the mundane, forcing us to think about our position in his work. This nightmarish portrayal of the office landscape is infiltrated by soulless symbols and an immensely intimidating office chair constructed with rusting 0s and 1s. Was Dolly right? Her ironic prophecy proven, as Lorenz rummages through the headache inducing data behind 9-5 livin’.

Words by Dexter Burningham


Images courtesy of the artist