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She a Baddie for the Season...

…or a Baddie for the Night

Naaz: dress and jacket Elzinga, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin


Singer-songwriter Naaz radiates a sense of angelic authenticity. Her songs ‘Words’ and ‘Up to Something’ blew up in 2017, propelling the young artist into a career in music has now encompassed the release of several EPs and the support of Melanie Martinez on her European tour in 2019. Naaz’s debut album is coming out in the new year, so be prepared to watch this queen radiate her divine elegance all throughout 2021.

Fashion is a tool of expression, our visual identity, what does your style say about you?
I like to be classy, elegant, and authentic all at the same time. On stage, often I like to wear baggy clothes that I make fit using a bandana on my waist. This shows a little figure and enhances my moves on stage. I also love color coordination. Clothing can honestly make me feel so much more confident.

What has been your boldest fashion moment?
I styled my whole Melanie Martinez tour slot by myself! It was a really proud moment for me. I went by loads of vintage shops and designers so I could have enough versatile outfits for about 52 shows! I pay for my tours and visuals myself, so I can’t always afford a stylist. It’s good to know I can still rock it myself.

What makes you feel powerful fashion-wise?
A long sexy coat with heels.

Naaz: dress Elzinga, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin

The colour red envisions..
Red lips. I wear them when I feel insecure on stage, and it totally fixes me up!

Innovation has been a hot-topic this year; what personal innovation can you reflect on?
The way I carry myself is so different than before. I used to feel like I had to be cooler to be appreciated. These days, I embrace my childlike face and don’t doubt my looks anymore. Why change what my parents gave me when I was born?

How can we create a radical future?
Teaching the importance of mental health to children in school!

Jarreau: jacket Kings of Indigo, tracksuit bottoms Danielle Cathari, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin


Amsterdam-based DJ Jarreau Vandal has been producing music since he was 16, and worked himself up to playing sold-out sets at venues such as KOKO, Village Underground and Warehouse Project. His flair for innovation and absolute love for the scene, have been instrumental in getting him the cult following he has today. A creative force who has recently striven to channel this into a fourteen-track mixtape entitled Anthology, Jarreau diffuses the ultimate power of invention into electronic music. 

Fashion is a tool of expression, our visual identity, what does your style say about you?
My style expresses the way I feel that day. Overall, I have two moods: out-there or low-key. On days I’m out-there, I’ll wear notable items and colors – no hat and leave my jacket open to show all the layers. On days I want want to be cozy I’ll wear a tracksuit with a hoodie. Always big Versace shades, especially while travelling or after a show…

What has been your boldest fashion moment?
When I barely wore any clothes on stage (!) It was an expression of how welcome and comfortable I felt in that particular scene.

Jarreau: vest Modstrom, trousers Martan, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin

What makes you feel powerful fashion-wise?
Being respected and understood because of the way I dress and carry myself. Being followed by inspiring people to do the same.

The colour red envisions….
Love, seduction, and danger

Who has inspired you recently?
Artists like: Mk.gee, 100Gecs, Sault, Brent Faiyaz. They have created something which is their own, each in a special way. When it comes to being innovative and thinking non-linearly, people like Kanye and Elon Musk definitely gave me a different perspective.

Anyone or anything we should be following closely next year?
Your gut feeling!

Lissa: top, skirt and jacket Elizinga, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin


Lissa Brandon is a multidisciplinary artist and stylist, who has worked with the likes of Rimon and Tim Wes, alongside brands such as Nike and I-D. Her truly creative spirit beams an eclectic light on the artistic practices of the digital age. A stunning instagram, signature style and alter-ego designed specifically for being behind the lens, Lissa is a never-ending hotpot of ideas and visions.

Fashion is a tool of expression, our visual identity, what does your style say about you?
I love to express creative freedom and confidence, especially through my in-front-of-the-lens-alterego Mojo Nodnarb. I do this by making “unexpected” choices in my combination of styles.

What has been your boldest fashion moment?
My “Ventricular System” shoot, which was published on Glamcult. Especially the first picture, which made it to the homepage of my website, it is one of my favorites.

What makes you feel powerful fashion-wise?
Dressing in looks that I perceive as powerful, either masculine or feminine, makes me feel powerful. I’ve had several days where I’ve felt down or insecure, yet taking the time to create a look for the day can feel like self-care.

Lissa: shirts Ninamounah, blazer and trousers Danielle Cathari, shoes Loubishark—Christian Louboutin, bag Christian Louboutin, earrings Laura Silberzahn

The colour red is…
Love, energy, power, passion.

Creativity seems to radiate from you! What is your artistic process?
My process is to have no regular process. I always try to be present when I’m creating, whatever the circumstances are. It helps me to have an open-minded approach and go with the flow.

Now that the year is coming to a close, what plans do you have for 2021?
I plan on staying close to myself, and making valuable contributions to the environments I’ll be in. I also want to continue exploring my alter-ego & amplify that character.

Photography by Jasper Rens van Es
Styling by Ali Javaid
Styling assistent: Femke Post
Hair and Make-up: Britt Breider
Quote: Shygirl, SLIME

Featuring Naaz, Jarreau and Lissa wearing the Loubishark sneakers by Christian Louboutin


Special thanks: Christian Louboutin