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Louis Vuitton through the eyes of Pharrell Williams

A collection infused with a profound sense of adoration, which has been aptly dubbed LoVe

As the enchanting melodies of The Virginia Choir filled the air, the atmosphere was set for an extraordinary evening. Pharrell Williams, cited as a maestro of musicality, took centre stage and left the audience mesmerized with his inaugural collection for Louis Vuitton Menswear. It was undoubtedly a momentous occasion, one that transcended mere fashion and became a heartfelt tribute to the legendary figure of the industry, Virgil Abloh, whom Williams succeeded. Within this exquisite display of artistry and emotion, Williams infused his collection with a profound sense of adoration, which he aptly dubbed LoVe. Within this, every garment and accessory exuded a deep reverence for Abloh’s prior groundbreaking vision and unmistakable style, while also bearing the unmistakable mark of Williams’ own unique creativity.

The setting was none other than the iconic Pont Neuf, the oldest standing bridge in Paris and a symbol of the city’s rich history. Providing a stunning backdrop, the audience eagerly awaited the unveiling of Williams’ extraordinary collection. And when icons such as BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z make a grand entrance, the anticipation in the air has the ability to reach new heights.

The combination of Pharrell Williams’ artistic foresight, the majestic Pont Neuf, and the illustrious audience created an atmosphere brimming with anticipation. And so, with all eyes fixed on the runway, the stage was set for a night that would not only pay homage to the past but also pave the way for an exciting future in the realm of fashion.

As the collection made its way down the runway, a clear theme emerged with pixelated camouflage textiles adorning the garments. The collection, including a variety of accessories and clothing, featured everything from jackets, coats, suits, and bombers, all showcasing eye-catching Camouflage patterns. Later, transitioning into more organic shapes, the collection swiftly became more reminiscent of Williams’s previous collaborations and style as a designer. Within the collection, however, it was the layering of accessories, especially the bags, which were highlighted on the runway. Trunks, clutches, purses, sunglasses? LV have you covered. Overall, despite initial doubts, Williams successfully conveyed a sense of joy through the show, surpassing expectations and presenting a show to be remembered.

Words by Grace Powell

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton