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Completely disregarding the gendered ‘menswear’ label


We have to talk about the elephant in the room AKA Marine Serre. Let’s set the scene. We’re on a sports field where a 400 metre track acts as the runway. The guests included the usual industry insiders but also thousands of lucky public guests who scored tickets. The models ranged from literal athletes to friends to professional and amateur models. They walked around the circuit in groups that aligned with the chapters of the collection. The show totally mimicked a sporting jamboree and to be honest, we kind of love it.

Titled State of Soul, the collection – which completely disregarded its gendered ‘menswear’ label – is a call to fun. There was no way to be at the show and not have an honest smile glued on your face. The brand’s ethos of inclusivity, ethical, positivity, human, and community were all seamlessly imbued in the presentation – her clothes are ACTUALLY for everyone. This loving and inclusive spirit show rubbed off on all of its goers who stayed for hours and danced the night away. 

Presentation aside, the craftsmanship of the clothes speaks for themselves. Ever-present in the collection was nonchalant upcycling. With patched dresses made from T-shirts and prints made from the collection’s upcycled jewelry, it was clear she was making a statement. But out favourite part was the denim chapter. Yes yes we are on the denim bandwagon but how can you not be when it’s just so good? Our highlights are the Edwardian-esque patched denim jacket in look 9 and the skirt-over-pant action in look 12. 

Overall, we’re excited to see what Serre will bring to the table next. 

Images courtesy of Marine Serre

Words by Ella Paritsky