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Expect the unexpected

Geneevre‘s futuristic beats are guaranteed to get you in your zone and send you into a different universe. Deconstructing everything we know about the techno and club experience, Geneevre dictates the night and puts the dancefloor into a deep hypnosis. In preparation for Glamcult Selects #2, we spoke to Geneevre about the importance of having an open mind (and finally cleared up the pronunciation of his name). Get in the rave mood and get the last RSVP spots here. Tonights the night! 

Hi! How are you today?

Good, excited for tonight.

Us too! So getting right to it, how would you describe your DJ style?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style. I’m really into blending and inserting new ways into music. Every time I play it’s something different. I’ve been playing a lot of techno, but I really just draw from a lot of places. Reggaeton, hip hop, house – you name it.

What would you say your main sources of inspiration are?

Sounds super cliché, but everything. I’m really inspired by nature, all the flowers and insects. For example, there is this beautiful lunar moth, from America I believe. It’s just always fascinated me so much, they have such a short life cycle, but there is so much transformation. They start with being a caterpillar, then they turn into a cocoon and when they get to be a moth they have so little time left. When they’re fully grown, they can’t eat. They can only live for 30 days without food. But their colour palettes are just so beautiful. I hope that’s what my music sounds like. I always try to find ways to create new sound organically.

What makes someone in the crowd stand out to you?

When people are really into the music I’m playing and they don’t mind being odd. I think there should be way more dancing. When I go out, I always dance my ass off. Some people might think I’m weird, but others gravitate towards that energy. I don’t care about people showing off what they’re wearing or anything like that, so someone who is not afraid to express how the music makes them feel and just goes off would definitely stand out to me.

If you could change anything in the music industry, what would it be?

Everything. I don’t listen to music genre-wise, I can either connect to music or not. I want to change people’s perceptions of experimental music and encourage everyone to be more open-minded. I also think the underground and the mainstream should be more interconnected. I include some pop stuff in my sets but add an edge. I think the hierarchy between pop and experimental should be changed. Music is just music.


Do you have a favourite song at the moment?

I really like Kelela’s new single Washed Away. It’s very dreamy and I just have it on repeat.

Do you have a dream line up?

Definitely my friends. Keynu, mynrgy, blackhaine are all really cool. DJ Travella is also really sick, he is from Tanzania and makes music in singeli style. It’s very fast, like 160 bpm, and is just so unique.

What would your dream venue to play would be?

Hmm, I haven’t really thought about it. There are a lot of cool underground spots, but I guess the goal is to put on my own festival with my homies. Definitely in the woods.

With moths everywhere.


On a complete 180, what do you do besides DJing?

I used to study music but now I dropped out. For my own projects I also sing, dance, do sound design. I’m a freelancer, I give music workshops at schools and youth centers. I also work at a hotel as a night receptionist. A lot of drunk tourists doing weird stuff.

Finally, where does your name come from and how do you pronounce it?

It’s an acronym for my middle and last name. My full name is Jermaine Eugene Evremond, so I wanted to come with a way to mix it. You can pronounce it Gene-èvre, in Dutch (gien – evre).



Photos courtesy of Geneevre

Words by Evita Shrestha

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See you there X