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Heron Preston X Calvin Klein

Minimalism, sensuality, youth and freedom…

Calvin Klein always uplifts identity, hyping the corners of the inner self and representing the freedom of timelessness, minimalist, fashion.  With the idea of ‘essential’ at the forefront of the design process – necessities are made to be worn. Understated, detailed and universally wearable, the latest Heron Preston X Calvin Klein collection is thought-through down to every stitch, pocket and detail.  Inspired by traditional utility wear, high-performance clothing and wardrobe staples the collection transcends seasonal dressing and is a step towards life-long wear.

Embodying the 2020-21 upheaval of shared vision and collaboration, Heron Preston and Clavin Klein have made a collection for real people. First examining the archival pieces of the brand’s lineage; underwear, shirts and denim foundation the work. In reflecting on this process, Preston reveals, “This goes beyond just a normal collaboration. I call it a collaboration 2.0, as the work we did, and how we did it, goes beyond just product design and placement. We tried to reshape and develop a new business language, while still fully embracing and respecting Calvin Klein’s culture, experience and history.” This vision, intention and succession are clear within each piece.

Serving as a blank canvas for creative expression, the campaign shows the clothes styled, worn and uplifted by the people and artists who bear them. Featuring talent from Nas and Sabrina Fuentes to supermodels such as Ashley Graham and Kaia Gerber wearing un-generic essentials, true to the collaborators DNA. Incorporating intelligent thought into every item, a plain white t-shirt gets gussets under the armpits, raised ribbing and stitching becomes almost 3D and interior and exterior branding elements are installed. Cut with (close to obsessive) precision and designed with heavier – and more sustainable – fabric, the clothes are made to last.

Preston discusses this particularity and how his cultural past has influenced his creative future, “When you come from streetwear and skateboarding, with my background, the t-shirt is something you start designing first and is what you’ve got to do best. It’s like social currency for us”. And today, he’s taken the process  to a place of perfection.

Developed with the earth in mind, raw denim is used to save water alongside organic and recycled cotton and plastic-free packaging. Coming in an array of colourways from the classics – Black, White, Blue and Grey –  to more tonal pieces, with Oranges, Browns and Olive shades available. The collection is also made to fit, sizing from an XS to an XXL and priced between 32-200 euros.

It’s an all-around classic and we can’t wait to style this collaboration with the freedom in which it was intended to create!

Photography by Renell Medrano

Video by Rubberband

Featuring Heron Preston and Sabrina Albarello, Ashley Graham, Jordan Alexander, Kaia Gerber, Lil Uzi Vert, Nas, Pedro Cavaliere, Renell Medrano, Stevie Williams, Sabrina Fuentes, Joe Holder

Words by Grace Powell