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MIX OF THE WEEK: Ariel Sports on Daisychain

Come into bloom this week with Ariel’s ethereal mix.

For weeks when the days just drag through, sometimes we need a bit of a boost… or a hit… or a tab. This Acid-techno mix electrified us to our core, as we could feel the bass in Amsterdam all the way from Chicago. The Daisychain Podcast builds its lineup on the basis of intersectionality, creating a safe space for women, trans people, and non-binary people. We’ve had them on our radar for a bit, but their latest upload was impossible to ignore. The mesmerizing and talented Ariel Sports came out with a mix that is absolutely invigorating, sending us into a frenzy that no ordinary daisy chain would have survived (and only a Capricorn could deliver). Plug-in and check-out, as these tracks will keep your heart buzzing way far into the afterglow.