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MIX OF THE WEEK: Betonkunst on Operator

The silence is deafening – mixing in the midst of #UnmuteUs

Now wait a sec – just wanted to address the elephant in the room real quick. Yes, this mix is technically from last week, but we desperately needed to carry some of the energy into this week. All over The Netherlands on Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in masse to protest against the government’s embargo on the cultural industry via discriminatory COVID restrictions. GLAMCULT was in attendance, surrounded by some of our favorite stations – such as Radion – and amazing local venues, bringing music back to the streets and feeling the love from our community. Back to this mix, Betonkunst‘s mix on Operator went above and beyond in delivering some hard techno tracks, keeping that same energy from being out on the streets and further fueling our desire to be #UNMUTED. The mix is fun, invigorating, and just so damn good we decided it deserved to be blasted for another week. Stay safe and party on – sometimes it’s worth fighting for 😉

Words by Alia Ayoubi.