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Mix of the Week: Dekmantel x Russell E.L. Butler

Party for one, please!

For Dekmantel’s freshly produced podcast, the Oakland-based producer Russell E.L Butler takes us on a thrilling trip. As we take off from a dystopian atmosphere, the ”spiritual, temporal-warping jock” (as the dj define themselves in their Twitter bio) rewires our world through sonic sounds and accumulating tensions. Butler brings the radiant rhythms to completion with some human vocals, ranging from contrabass to sensual French ?, which ground yet levitate us as we enter techno nirvana. As the thicc beats gradually build and develop into biting EDM and mechanical house, Butler’s manipulating techniques of machinery sounds bless our eardrums, resulting in an exhilarating journey. Dekmantel has heard our prayers, this 1-hour transcendental track is just what we needed: we are welcoming the weekend!

Check out the mix here!

Words by Brechtje Polman