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Mix of the week: TRAUMCAST ❈ 04 ❈ Nelly Dragon

w̡̻̻̣͚̒̀ͅh̨͚͚͖ͯ̒̄͗͞a͔͔̜̗̦ͩ̅̎t͖͖̠̬͛ d̶̵̯̯̼̘ͨ̓o͙͙̙̘̙ͤͫ͞ ụ̴̴̾̀͟͡ d̶̵̯̯̼̘ͨ̓ṛ̣̬̫̍͌ͩ͟ḛ̡̰̳͓̥ͬ͋ͪͧa͔͔̜̗̦ͩ̅̎m̰̰̹͚̙̂ͦ͗͠ o͙͙̙̘̙ͤͫ͞f̰̰̯͕͊̃̊͞͞͞ ?

“Despite the fact that I have dreams of the forest being an eerie-mythical place. It is that same place that I long to live in: a cottage in the Swedish forests, waking up and taking a dip in a lake, with a long hike afterwards.” Nelly Dragon, the Rotterdam-based audiovisual storyteller, takes us on a special and sonic trip, with her ambient mix for @traumgarten.world . The Dutch collective hosting the mix originally started out as a feature on our beloved Red Light Radio (rip) and has now also set up a record label filled with our faves; Gamma Intel, Sophie du Palais and many more. With nature as the main source of inspiration for this mix, Nelly takes us on a stroll into unknown territories charged with dense, yet mythical energy. Beginning this adventure with ghostly allure, the more you listen, the deeper and deeper we’re lead into the soundverse. Moving from heavy soundscapes, to acerbic drums, the beat pulsates through your body, ending with a perfect pranayamic breath. The mix includes some beautiful tracks produced by @sunjuhargun @frincess @sarahdavachi and  @pessimistmusic, so tune in for the GOODS!



Words by Pieta Thuring