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Mix of the week: Pride 2021 DJ Mix

Love is the message ❤️

Chicago-based DJ and rave muse Eris Drew will forever be part of our OG Glamcult faves. So, in honour of this year’s Pride, the wonder-woman has concocted a hypnotic 1,5 hour rite of pure emotion, love, and bliss — exclusively available on Apple Music. It’s Pride month — a time to collectively ruminate our historical (and contemporary) battle between unlimited freedom and the restrictive perimeters of heteronormativity. But more importantly, celebrate and express the boundless beauty we all carry within ourselves to the fullest!

As one of our go-to rave muses – having been around the house and techno scene ever since she turned 18 – Drew is both an advocate for trans/non-binary/queer people and a mentor for fellow DJ’s and aspiring electronic musicians. Her radiating rhythms never cease to lure us in, and with each track, she transmutes our worries into light and dissolves the boundaries we hold on to a little too tightly sometimes. This Pride 2021 remix is filled with fellow classics, such as Octo Octa‘s Find Your Way Home, Acemo’s  Deep Down [Don’t Drown] and Orbital‘s Halycon and On and On, as well as a seducing list of endless other bangers.

Join us for an ecstatic Pride rite. After all, where would we be without music?

Join the Pride rite here

Words by Brechtje Polman