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Mix of the Week: SARRA WILD - AS AA S أساس x FILMISHMISH

The anti-racist anti-colonial online protest

Protest is vital and the ways in which protest can accumulate is endless. Engaging in protest is often as important as creating it, and there is a multitude of mediums in which this engagement is capable; one of these being through music. This week we saw the anti-racist anti-colonial protest reverberate its message through the Fil Mishmish broadcast. Taking a stance against the annexation of Palestine,  the show aired on Radio AlHara this week. This hour-long *absolute production* is made up predominantly of some of the fucking hottest BIPOC producers out there (list below) and NEEDS to be heard. This is one hell of a mix, and its power only validates the value of creativity as a form of political expression. Let’s thank the amazing Sarra Wild for this one and listen below now!