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Mix of the week: TSVI x Dekmantel

Il mondo è un sogno…

The world is — or at least can be — a dream… so let us drift away to TSVI’s intoxicating rhythms. Dekmantel’s index of virtuoso’s never seem to miss… and for podcast #340, it was time for Italian-born producer TSVI to pick up the baton. His latest Sogno EP and upcoming album Unison, both produced with his founded label Nervous Horizon, draw influences from Italian folk music and ancient choral acoustics, but most importantly, the EP “focuses on the collective experiences of music that we have all so dearly missed”. Having grown up around Sufi Muslim and classical Indian music, TSVI masters the art of entering the deeper layers and altered states of our (collective) subconscious through his musical ingenuity.

For 90 minutes long, the London based producer lets us tap into our primal urges to move and sweat everything out with a thrilling bass, dreamy drums and punchy percussion, as we sink into earth more and more until the very last second. In his own words, the podcast episode has “chaotic, intense, dark and moody vibes on this one, (it’s) a bit all over the place too, exactly how I’ve been feeling the past few months“, an emotional state we all can’t help but resonate with!

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Words by Brechtje Polman