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Model Citizens

Arturo Bamboo capture Berlin’s young talents in head to toe Ann Demeulemeester.


For this exclusive editorial the Berlin-based photography duo Arturo Bamboo, comprised of Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen, turned to their local talents to channel the spirit of iconic Belgian brand Ann Demeulemeester. Glamcult got to meet the young talents—painter Annabel, fashion designer Cissel and hairstylist Sami—embodying the connection between Antwerp’s rave heyday and Berlin’s vibrancy today.

CISSELfashion designer and model.

How would you describe your designs, and who do you have in mind when you work?
Meaningful without screaming. Sensual and generous. I don’t have anyone specific in mind when I work. When I start developing a concept, I look at a lot of different artists that I like. For my latest project, I was inspired by the thoughts of Joseph Beuys. After coming across a book with pictures of the sculptures of Wilhelm Lehmbruck, he felt the urge to create social sculpture.

Who or what is your most surprising style inspiration?
Vintage cloth: with a history and a function. And my favourite humans!

Tell us about the fashion scene in Berlin today, what do we need to know?
For me, Berlin’s fashion scene is alive in the club, which consists of culturally-mixed and gender fluid people. Sometimes I complain that it’s always the same and maybe not as fashionable as London or Paris, but in a way I love it and I think it’s also slowly evolving. What I love about Berlin is that everything is accepted. You can look trashy, you can look chic, you can look glamorous, you may switch your appearance with every mood. People have an eye for difference and braveness in appearance.

Who would you love to dress and why?
My motivation of designing has another origin: it’s more about dressing a piece of clothing with a person. It’s my tool to create emotions and take a position.

What is the future of fashion?
This question is really difficult to answer. I can just say where I wish it will go. I hope fashion will be more focused on developing innovative and sustainable fabrics. Fashion should be a way to propose, comment and question (new) realities. I hope we’ll find solutions on how we can sustain our planet and consume less. The quality of products will be more important.

ANNABEL, artist and model

What was the last beautiful thing you saw?
I found this artist, Diedrick Brackens, who does the most beautiful and powerful tapestries and textile sculptures.

Tell us a little bit about your artistic practice—do you mostly do painting? What motivates your work?
I mostly do painting and I just want to create beautiful things, something that people passing by would stop to have a closer look and be touched by, or just feel anything. It’s crazy to create something visual that’s 100% from your inner self. It’s so vulnerable, that’s why it’s so intriguing to me.

Does art ever make you emotional?
Yes, all the time! It can be so overwhelming, beautiful, big but also scary, annoying and loud. But the thing is, unlike other emotional moments in life, an artwork (most of the times) won’t fade. Paintings or sculptures, videos, films, music, and the rest, will be there to come back to and be felt again. In a way, they’re preservations of emotions.

Who are some of your favourite artists—painters or not—and why?
I love the Japanese woodblock prints by Kamisaka Sekka, Hiroshige or Hokusai. I’m very inspired by their colours, compositions and exciting narratives. Some of my favourites are also Mark Rothko, Felix Vallotton, Matthias Weischer, Peter Doig and Karin Mamma Andersson.

What is the best and the worst thing about living and working in Berlin?

I feel like in Berlin you easily get the feeling that you have all the time in the world to do what you want to do, and also to do it in the best way possible. That’s the best thing about it, because it gives you all this freedom, but then it’s also the worst thing because it makes everyone struggle with self-discipline and decisions. It’s hard to make decisions if you have so many choices.

SAMI, hairdresser, salon owner and model

How and when did you get into hair styling work?
I got into hairstyling through my search for independence. I wanted to pursue fashion design, but couldn’t afford the scholarship. I was 16 years old and wanted to get out of the familial house and live in the capital. Hairdressing offered me a job and money that allowed me to do it. And I was also hanging out with a hairdresser during parties…

Living, dead, real or even imaginary, who has the best hairstyle?
Best hairstyle ever has to be that of Patti Smith, as she use to cut her hair herself.

What do you do when you’re not working with hair or modelling? What’s your favourite pastime at the moment?
Favourite pastime is to relax. I live a very busy life and don’t have that much of an opportunity to disconnect and not do anything. So, lately I’m trying hard to not do anything at all.

Tell us a Berlin secret…
A Berlin secret—straight guys hang out with gay guys.

What would you like to achieve in the next year?
At the moment I’m working hard to be able to open a second shop, and in some years I’d would like to step out of it slowly, maybe come up with another concept. I need to constantly be excited and thrilled by new things.

Words by Glamcult


Photography by Arturo Bamboo

All clothes by Ann Demeulmeester