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Get your hands a piece of fashion history

“Highly anticipated” feels nothing short of an understatement when it comes to the launch of the Mugler H&M collection this spring. The pair announced their collaboration back in February, and ever since the Instagram refresh button has been worn out dry. Many questions came to play: how? who? where? when? and why? But all answers are now on the table as the Mugler H&M collection encapsulates the very founding essence of the house of Mugler with the help of their partners at H&M. Marking a tribute to the freedom of self-expression, this collection offers all the opportunity to own a piece of fashion history, and as we see new designs and archive re-makes enchant the entire collection this is a moment you won’t want to miss.

The collection is defined by what they have dubbed “the irrepressibility of Mugler’s energy”; flamboyance, playfulness, youth culture, Queer culture and inclusivity. All these pillars play vital roles within both the collection and its wearer as the invitation just became a whole lot more open as H&M focuses on this as a moment for all to access and enjoy. The collection is made up of both menswear and womenswear, however, encourages fluidity and transformation as the clothing is designed to be worn by any gender and shared, and restyled in alignment with the identity of the wearer. Speaking on the collaboration, Creative Director Casey Cadwallader explains, “I was determined that this collection be true Mugler. The details and quality of every piece had to be exactly as we do them, and I wanted to showcase the energy of Mugler, which has always been about clothes that allow for personal liberation. You can be so many different versions of yourself in Mugler.”


Now, to the clothes themselves! The womenswear collection features the signature style of Mugler; think strong, powerful shoulders, a tight waist and an overall ode to the curves of the body and female form. Alongside this, the oh-so familiar spiral — seen throughout Cadwallader’s reign — is featured throughout from jeans, bodysuits, blazers and more. Much like the iconic Fall ’22 collection, denim plays a key role – as we see the standout Mugler jeans come back in blue with black nylon, with a cheeky thong detail and constructed seam (who doesn’t love a bum lift?). There is also a cropped jacket coming in the same denim with a twisted sleeve and sleek hardware. The leather pieces within this collection are not to be missed, and a stand-out moment has to go to the long chrome-free trench coat coming in a rich teal green with a long scarf/belt detail to be wrapped around the body to hug the curves. The quality of the tailoring is, of course, exemplary, with corset-detailed jackets, sheer mesh panels and built-up shoulder pads adding power to every piece. This tailoring can also be seen within the (mico) mini-skirt and dresses because a bodycon moment is always the moment. Importantly, for this collection, Mugler H&M will be offering the mesh in a light beige, brown and classic black so everyone can become a part of the illusion.

This collection’s archive references are also a treasure trove for fans of the 80s and 90s runway styles to delve into. Curated by Cadwallader, each piece stays true to the original design and bears a label featuring Manfred Thierry Mugler’s signature. A standout is a pink skirt suit crafted from sustainable, recycled wool, and features a metal-bondage detail across the bust for that extra moment ?. Also included is a black velvet dress taken from the 90s, and a stunning lace-up corset dress in black.

The menswear collection is also jam-packed with both a mixture of familial and new designs all geared towards making a statement. For those who love to show off a bit of skin, the super-sensual leather trousers are a complete vibe, with a visible zip fly and matching trench. Featured also is the ultimate oversized denim shirt (a favourite style of Cadwallader himself), which speaks directly to what we envisioned Mugler menswear to be in 2023.  All these pieces encapsulate the playful gender fluidity that defines Mugler’s DNA. From swimming trunks that come with a double-layered, thong overlay, nodding to the details on Mugler’s classic jeans and bodysuits, to casual yet rhinestoned hoodies.

In terms of menswear archive pieces, there is an acidic green tailored jacket, a recreation of the iconic 90s style worn by David Bowie. Alongside this, is a matching green tailored trouser, with a waist-cut out. The second archive piece seen is a black parachute jacket, with a padded form, branded zippers and a star motif on the nape of the neck, and again, this is a piece which has been a key archive reference for Cadwallader. Finally, there is an elegant turquoise organic cotton shirt we cannot wait to get our hands on, spotlighting a double row of buttons.

Alongside the clothing pieces, the collection also shares accessories; coming in both black and metallic colourways. Archive nods include earrings, rings, and chains in various sizes and shapes. Caps, scarves, and belts are also available, as well as black leather ankle boots, stiletto booties, and strappy sandals. These accessories are giving elegance-only and tie the entire story together in a neat little Mugler H&M bow. Overall the collection is exquisitely thought-out and inclusive by nature — harnessing the heart of Mugler with a modern-day spin.

With the lookbook officially launched we are keeping our eyes and ears ready for the release date — and trust you will be the first to know!


Learn more about MUGLER H&M here

Words by Grace Powell