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Must See: On this Side of the River Elbe by Ana Lupas

On show till September 15th @ Stedelijk Museum

Ana Lupas, Humid Installation, 1970

Ana Lupas, Humid Installation, 1970

In the world of Romanian artist Ana Lupas, self-expression is the finest tool of resistance. With a career spanning over six decades, Lupas emerged as one of the leading voices in the 1960s. Luckily for us, Stedelijk has officially opened the first thorough exploration of the artist’s oeuvre. Hailing from Cluj-Napoca, Lupas confronted the challenges of creating art within the oppressive framework of a forty-year communist dictatorship in Romania. On this Side of the River Elbe, on show now to September 15th, is an absolute delight for those who – especially during times like these – are committed to artistic expression amid challenging political circumstances. Included in the exhibition is Lupas’ centrepiece Coats to Borrow, featuring handmade coats crafted from scraps of leftover fabrics, clothing, and textiles. Dedicated to fostering a local artist community, Lupas circulated these coats among community members, where each person was encouraged to inscribe their name on a label and attach them to the coats. Including mundane elements intertwined with local and rural tradition, this piece is only one of the artist’s many works that emphasize the transformative power of textiles as an act of resistance. This is not only a MUST-SEE but a timeless collection unveiling a profound exploration of history and identity. So, if you’re still working on your Summer 2024 bucket list, consider On this Side of the River Elbe an essential addition, and immerse yourself in the resilient spirit of Ana Lupas’ art. See you there!

Ana Lupas, Coats to Borrow, 1989

Words by Agata Villa
Images courtesy of the Stedelijk