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Must See: Appie Bood's "EEN OVERDOOD" at Galerie de Schans

Confront the omnipresence of death

Step into the world of Appie Bood’s latest solo exhibition, “EEN OVERDOOD”, where the boundaries between life and death blur into a mesmerising dance of (co)existance. From Feb 17th to Mar 10th, Galerie de Schans welcomes you to immerse yourself in Bood’s thought-provoking exploration of loss and love; an intricate web of human experience. 

In “EEN OVERDOOD,” Bood intertwines life and death to uncover their inseparable connection. Through his artistry, Bood invites us to confront the omnipresence of death in our daily lives. Challenging the prfound impact on our existence. Central to Bood’s work is the exploration of themes such as meeting and losing, holding on and letting go, and the rhythmic pulses of life. This latest exhibition serves as a provocative catalyst for conversation, inviting viewers to engage with the complex emotions surrounding loss and death. At the end of the day, Bood’s artwork compels us to confront our own mortality, challenging us to question our perceptions and beliefs. 

Words by Ella Paritsky
From Feb 17th to Mar 10th @ Galerie de Schans
Images courtesy of the artist