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Must See: Barbican Art Gallery's Unravel: The power and politics of textiles in art

Using textiles as a pathway to explore power

Textiles, we all have a relationship with them. Literally, as you read this, you are wrapped in them, maybe even sitting or lying on some more. It is this very nature of textiles that makes them one of the most universal storytellers in the world, embodying and reflecting the social structures in which they are created. Man, if only there were an exhibition that explored this…

Well, welcome to The Barbican Art Gallery’s latest exhibition “Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art,” an exhibition exploring the ways artists have used textiles as a subversive medium from the 1960s to today. The overarching theme? Using textiles as a pathway to explore power – who holds it, how can it be redistributed – this exhibition calls on viewers to rethink the structures that build the world around us. It’s comprehensive, it’s provocative, and we have to admit, it’s really, really beautiful. To call it grand is an understatement; Unravel features over 100 pieces from 50 artists all exploring textile practices as a mode of storytelling.

But that’s not all. Alongside the exhibition, the Barbican has curated a program of talks, tours, and workshops – AKA a program full of post-work dates with your friends. From 25th March to 3rd April, the gallery is also partnering up with TOAST for a 10-day pop-up to celebrate textile mending and the longevity of beloved garments. So, everyone in the London area, this must-see is for you.

From now until the 26th of May!

Words by Ella Paritsky 
Images courtesy of Barbican Art Gallery