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Must See: “What Goes Around Comes Around” by Fashion For Good Museum

A playful ode to circularity

In a playful ode to circularity, the Fashion For Good Museum unveils its urgent call for action:  “What Goes Around Comes Around.” A vibrant showcase of circular fashion’s impact and necessity in the face of climate change. The exhibition pays homage to the visionaries shaping the future; the pioneering artists, innovators, and designers transforming the landscape of fashion. The ultimate goal is to put circularity into practice and empower all of us to take action. As you walk through the exhibition you will encounter work from some of our industry favs. So, of course, we curated a must-see list to make sure you don’t miss our fav moments!

If you are unfamiliar with McLaughlin’s work, this is your sign to get familiar. While her roots lie in digital media and graphic design, her innovative approach to fashion has gained online acclaim. Her circularity strategy unfolds in two layers: first, a light hearted confrontation with our collective overconsumption, and second, a transformation of consumer objects into new, wearable forms, totally stripping them of their original meaning. You may even recognise objects from your own daily life…

How could Botter not be on our must-see list?? The brainchild of duo Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, Botter brings a playful mix of ‘Caribbean Couture’ with a serious sustainable twist. When they’re not crafting their runway magic, they’re busy regenerating the coral reefs in the Caribbean. No biggie. Their A/W 23 collection? Yeah it’s all about upcycling – think statement bikesadle bags and 3D printed trainers inspired by seashells. Basically, Botter is setting the standard, and we’re here for it. 

Ronald van der Kemp is a couturier on a mission, turning back time to when fashion was personal and intimate. Forget mass production because he’s all about bespoke, handmade garments sourced from high-end, deadstock fabrics. His creations aren’t just clothes; they’re mini revolutions addressing the bigger issues at hand. We mean, van der Kemp’s the OG circular couturier – no compromises from him. Exhibit A: a paper couture coat with hand painted flowers.

Founded by Alljan Moehamad and Deyrinio Fraenk in 2016, Atelier Reservé – AKA Reservé Boys – specialises in small-scale ready-to-wear collections. Their installation “NECESSARY” questions fashion norms, meditating on what’s really necessary in our daily lives. But it wouldn’t be Atelier Reservé if we didn’t go deep below the surface.  “NECESSARY” goes further, interrogating things we take for granted like “what even is waste?” In short, Atelier Reservé is the rebel yell for change – and we should all be following their lead.

Welcome to the world of Yuima Nakazato, where haute couture meets mother nature with a high-tech twist. Based in Tokyo, Nakazato’s designs are a dance between fashion, tech, and the elements. Literally, from wind to fire, earth to ice crystals, he’s got it covered. His Magma collection? Inspired by textile waste dumping sites in Kenya. Turning crisis into art, this featured outfit fuses hope with the red destructive hues that mirror lava. 

Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Marga Weimans has been pushing fashion boundaries since 2005. Her Wonderland Mineral Dress from 2009? It’s not just fashion; it’s a collaborative masterpiece. Joining forces with Turkish artisans, this circular wonder blurs the lines between fashion, culture, and sustainability. Because when Weimans stitches, she stitches for change. 

Patchwork Family

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Patchwork family. This more-than-fashion collective is a tight knit community of recent graduates. Their ethos? To act as a family that fosters opportunities for emerging designers with a steadfast commitment to upcycling. For this exhibition, each member of the Patchwork Family designed one look that remains frozen down the runway. It’s fashion, it’s performance, and above all, it’s upcycled. 

Join us for Fashion for Good’s grand finale from now until June 5th 2024
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Images courtesy of Fashion for Good Museum
Photography by Elzo Bonam
Words by Glamcult