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In conversation with MYNRGY

“I like to see making music as a video game. Trying to finish the next challenge, get to the next level.”

Introducing MYNGRY: the vibrant Amsterdam native who takes inspiration from life’s unexpected brilliance. His inspiration ranges from “Games and vehicles” to “Metal Shaping, Space, Blurred Vision, Energy, Movement, Electricity and Glitches”. Beyond that, his music serves as a bridge to leave the mundane behind and entering his world. Needless to say, his music is a symphony of distorted vibrational forces coming from the rhythm of the everyday, and we’re exceptionally interested in crossing this bridge with him! We got the chance to catch up with MYNRGY to talk all things from his inspirations to manifestations. And guess what, you’re all in luck, because you get to listen to his set this Friday at Echobox Presents: Glamcult – AKA our radio show takeover.

How are you feeling today?
Yeah feeling good! Working on new content. Sharing more and more. I can’t stop haha.

How would you describe yourself and what you do?
As a DJ and producer. On the side I also work on art projects and commercial work. I try to find projects that fit into my musical style!

How would you describe your DJ style?
I would say it has different genres, is very instrumental and isn’t scared to do something differently. Trying to expand what you would usually hear. I like to make and share new sounds and not limit myself.

Where do you find your inspiration?
When I’m producing music the shiny and flashy parts of life inspire me. The sun in the sky, vehicles in traffic flying by, people moving from A to B, reflections of lights, the air moving the leaves and movement of life in general. And definitely other producers inspire me, they show me how to make sounds, and how to get the vibes right.

Any specific people that inspire you?
Arca, Sophie.

Those are for sure incredible people.
So many more names, like Lanark Artefax, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar. There were a lot of people around me when I was younger making that kind of music. It was sick to see this new music come up.

We are very lucky to have this generation of super experimental and successful artists to learn from!
Yeah that’s very true, it’s a very wide range.

If you had the power to change an aspect of the music industry, what would it be?
I would like to change the way that people are stuck to the same type of songs that are being pushed, and being seen as important. It still feels like people don’t see experimental artists as artists, but they need to show us what’s new. I think the music industry is just stuck in one box haha.

We don’t like a box!! And if you could think of a dream collaboration with an artist, like a B2B what would it be? And what kind of synergy would you envision with that?
I think Aphex Twin would be really cool, he’s just a legend. That would be a dream come true.

I would listen to that! And besides DJing what do you do in your daily life?
I try to come up with new ideas for shows and I work on my sets. I do a lot around music and new stuff I see in the future. I’m also working on a lot of different projects, anything to do with sound.

Do you have a background in music?
No, I never studied, I am completely self-taught. They are all my ideas. The way I make is all built up on the tips that I got from other producers, family members that were involved with music, and some information from the internet. Like family members and artists: Blaxon and Jane Proove.

Maybe that’s also prevented you from thinking in boxes! 
Yeah that’s a good way of saying It. I like to see making music as a video game. Trying to finish the next challenge, get to the next level. Don’t limit yourself to the rules of music making. That’s how I came up with my name, it’s a bridge to how I think and see the world: built on My-Energy.

Do you have specific instances, or experiences that were a source of inspiration for this energy?
Yeah, just going through the phases of your life, meeting new people and having adventures. I think going through nightlife in a new city, seeing all the flashing lights and seeing everything moving. Those experiences really brought me that vibe and energy I hope to show in my music.

If you were curating your ideal club line up, no restrictions at all, which artist or DJ’s would you include and what kind of atmosphere would you like to create?
I think it would be really cool to have a mix of retro and new artists. I would say The Prodigy would have to be on there. Cameo would be really cool. And then definitely have SOPHIE and Arca. But yeah, a very mixed line up, like Prince would be there haha. And there would be a stage for all my friends with the same interests in music like Keynu, Akira, Geneevre, Minds, Nakanoblu,  Astohm and Douglas Cali.

Definitely something we’d love to attend! 
Yeah super crazy. Like electronic music but also super hype-ish older music. I would bring Sonic Youth too! A mix of my friends and legends I guess haha.

You are definitely part of a very talented friend group – I feel like these are all people that live on the same wave length. It’s really cool to see!
Thank you, yes it’s a group that has a lot of energy, that really want to to go for it.

What’s your favourite song at the moment?
I listen to so many songs and forget the titles. I really like Lazer Sword’s song Tar. It has a lot of sounds that I heard when I was first getting into music.

What are you manifesting for 2024?
More events than last year, I’m hoping for a festival. Overall growing and releasing more music, spreading my audience around the world, maybe get more attention in Asia.

My fingers are crossed for you, and I’m excited for your set this friday!

Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtesy of the artist