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Napapijri re-imagines circular fashion

The brand’s new Infinity jacket proves why sustainability should not be just a trend.

Sustainability cannot be a mere buzzword or a trend. There’s nothing stylish and ephemeral about our global climate crisis. Work has to be done, gears must be shifted and systems need to be disrupted. As the second largest polluter of our Planet, the fashion industry is precisely where some of the immediate and most vital changes have to occur. And when we see a major brand putting the actual work to elicit transformation, we join in. That’s why this winter season you’ll be seeing us around in our Napapijri Infinity jackets.

Ever since its founding in 1987, the brand has championed the convergence of design and innovative materials. “As a brand whose origins are firmly placed in the beautiful alpine landscape, the safeguard of nature has always been on top of our agenda” the brand’s Senior Marketing Director, Vicki Bohlbro, explains. But Infinity truly marks a decisive step in Napa’s quest to circular fashion and its role in sustainable production. How? Let’s break it down.

Most importantly, Infinity has a mono-material composition—its fillings and trims are made from Nylon 6, while its fabric is all regenerated nylon from discarded fishnets and other waste material. This allows for your jacket to enter the recycling machine as it is, without any fibres losing their original quality and characteristics. Yes, you guessed it right—(literally) infinite recycle properties and re-imaginative essence.

And if Infinity’s thoroughly recyclable nature was the major step towards the brand’s sustainable future, Napapijri also closes the loop and makes the innovation truly circular through a take-back programme. Upon purchasing Infinity, you may register your jacket online through a unique identifier. When (at least) two years have passed, you can return it and Infinity will be processed into new yarn and upcycled products. It’s a yes from us.

Words by Glamcult




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