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Nathy Peluso

A conversation with the Barcelona-based baddie of the year.

Argentine singer, songwriter, producer and all-round powerhouse, Nathy Peluso has our hearts racing and our palms sweating. The new on the scene extraordinaire has just released her first studio album Calambre, and the divine energy rushing out of this sensation is hard to miss. Beginning at 16, performing in hotels, restaurants and anywhere that would listen, Peluso has a drive only the great posses. The wonder dreams big, and imparts wisdom, as we talk with her about her impenetrable success this year.

Hey Nathy! Thanks for speaking with me today. How are you?

Very well, happy to be speaking with you.

Could you start by talking me through your journey in the music scene?

I have been working on building my artistic concept for a long time! I started at the bottom, always depositing eagerness and passion into my projects. Little by little, I carved out a small space in this grand temple of music for myself.

And what an incredible space you have created! Could you talk me through the vision behind your most recent release (LOVE btw)?

“Calambre” is an album that comes from the deepest part of my heart, with the intention of bringing together all of the music that I’m crazy about and that represents me from my beginnings, and fusing the passion that I feel for all of that in the span of 12 songs. It’s also a work of investigation in which I have immersed myself in musical palettes and written about diverse themes that universally affect us. The common thread of each song is the energetic journey that the route proposes.

SANA SANA has to be one of my favourite songs from the album. True baddie energy. Was that the intention here? Like our own personal hype woman…

SANA SANA is the product of a super-deep improvisation. The meaning found me; I didn’t search for it. Without a doubt, I think that it’s irreverent and it has the edginess of hip-hop, which is something that I am crazy about. That’s why I will never stop rapping.

The video was also something else! What role does fashion play in the construction of your energy and your artistic aesthetic?

Fashion plays a fundamental role if you want it to; like dressing up your music and your concept. It helps build a character and make a statement. Fashion is extremely important to me because it’s a helpful tool to define what I want to express.

You certainly make a statement through all your endeavours. Your music empowers and brings with it an invincible perspective. How do you achieve this assertion on a personal level?

I feel like everyone has a place in this world. I feel that I can be a conduit for expressing certain things and it makes me feel very fortunate. Being honest, what I give to my audience is not pretentious, but the foundations of my personality. Being able to pass along something powerful and real with my music is an honour for me.


You started down a very different path (musically speaking), beginning with the classics. How has this influenced your musicality today?

I feel that the classics enriched me and gave me the fundamentals to play around with- whilst still understanding the foundations of the music we make today. I love my musical origins.

.… Who would you say are your influences now?

I feel like we could spend hours talking about influences, but some that are key are Ella Fitzgerald, Celia Cruz, Rey Barreto, Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, Gloria Estefan, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, different branches of Latin American folklore, Astor Piazzola, Mercedes Sosa.

I love the line, ‘Soy una mujer de negocios, en un mundo de negocios’: does the boss have any advice?

Be faithful to your convictions, honest with your team and yourself, and do not abandon your perseverance or your consistency.

Thanks again for talking! What can we expect from you in the future?

I won’t stop making music and I hope to kick off my Calambre Tour soon. That’s my great dream.


Check out our gal’ at the Latin Grammys here.

Listen to Calambre now!

Words by Grace Powell