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New Year, New Amsterdam

The reality of the city surfer


Amsterdam and surfing may seem a little far removed from one another. However, the birth of local brand New Amsterdam Surf Association, somehow just makes it work! Founded by Paul Zeper and a sparky group of surfers, they found the gear didn’t accommodate their not-so-tropical conditions- beginning the creative design journey they are now encompassing. Willing to brave the Dutch weather for their passion, they found they preferred the brutal conditions and the commitment it brought with it. Since its conception, the brand has been (pardon the pun) making waves ever since, leading to a counter-movement of surf culture made up of rigid colourways and clean graphic designs. Lighting up my inbox with their latest collection Black Saturday, the team expelled any beach boy blasé biases I may have held- showing the reality of the city surfer….. and we ain’t complaining 😉



The collection pays homage to France’s ominous Black Friday; a day of traffic hell and road rage supreme as the end of July hits. The PRE’21 drop plays with this holiday domino effect, as we follow each other out of the city and back, to quite often the same destinations. Building inspiration from the height of city living provides a satisfying symmetry with the clothes themselves, but with a satirical flare as they have concocted creativity out of the very antithesis of who they are- those who follow the crowd.


Pink, blue, black and white splash across the new collection garments, featuring some multi-seasonal gems we certainly have our eyes on. From 100% cotton graphic crewneck tee’s (featuring their signature logo) to the Larry Jacket- a pink fleece (for Wednesdays), made for this gusty weather. The show-stopper, however, has to be the Storm Poncho; a quilted piece of outerwear with a detachable hood and light padding, mixing the style-conscious with the practical. Hitting those fashion marks for this feature look, the cohesiveness of the collection is a progression of its wearability, making every fit A FIT.



Shop the Black Saturday collection here

Stay tuned, we have more coming…

Words by Grace Powell