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Nicklas Skovgaard A/W24 declares the 80s in

He’s convinced us

James Cochrane

James Cochrane

Nicklas Skovgaard A/W24 declares that the 80s are so in, and to be honest, he’s convinced us. Throughout this collection, Nicklas Skovgaard builds on his 80s universe in the 21st-century world. Showing as a part of Copenhagen’s Fashion Week’s New Talent, Skovgaard is forging a path for his name with undeniably good collections. But, how does a designer who never lived through the ‘80s use the decade as his muse? Well, with the inspiration of his mom of course.

The collection is a drapey bubbles galore. With Draped fabrics shaped to create dramatic puffs: starting with the opening look’s bubble skirt to the extremely 80s shoulders of look 27, there is a strong sense of ‘80s theatricality of shapes. At the same time, this theatricality is kept gentle through the exclusive use of round lines. 

A big highlight for us is the heels. The synched ribbon detailing feels totally relevant in a new way. But this is just one of the details that this collection connects with today. The dropped waist dresses, the odd-one-shoulder boatline necklines, and the very earthy neutral tones that we also see in lots of today’s moment. Reminding us that fashion recycles in ways we don’t always expect. And if you can’t tell, we love it.

Words by Ella Paritsky
Images courtest of Copenhagen Fashion Week
Photography by James Cochrane