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Seduce Me

Ninamounah Fall/Winter ’21

It’s mating season baby!

Whilst the upcoming Dutch designer Ninamounah Langestraat showed off her captivating collection at Paris Fashion Week, she totally wrapped us around her finger. And though we are absolutely obsessed with her stunning strong shoulders, oversized tailoring and confident suits, it’s the provocative poking penises that our eyes truly were locked on. Ninamounah knows exactly what she is doing, channeling our animalistic spirits and sensually weaving them into her garments. 

Alluring coral pinks and reds draw us in, while it’s the shimmery snake trousers and vinyl fabric pants that keep us craving for more. Topping the looks off with a bold lip and nail, completed with some sexy square toe boots (a Ninamounah classic!), the hypnotizing fresh faces seem to scream ‘’see me!’’. Ninamounah’s Fall/Winter collection is definitely sophisticated, yet undeniably sexy. We are left mesmerized and lustful! 


Check out the new collection here

Words by Brechtje Polman