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Nothing Lasts Forever

Pursuing artistic liberation with Sevdaliza and Grimes

The endlessly talented Iranian-Dutch artist who’s graced the cover of Glamcult, Sevdaliza, isn’t just our personal favourite – rather, over the past years she has become a true voice of our generation. Synonymous with breaking the ‘rules’ and pushing boundaries, her latest track Nothing Lasts Forever is no exception. This time, however, she’s teamed up with none other than iconic furutistic pop-princess Grimes (another Glamcult cover star) to release a track addressing the societal pressure and unrealistic expectations placed on female artists in the industry. Reflecting on the eternal expectation of youth and beauty — a fountain we need to accept does not (and does not need to) exist — Nothing Lasts Forever is a gabber-inspired, hyper-pop track incorporating the utopian sounds both artists are known for. Speaking on the project, Sevdaliza shares, “admiration and adoration turn into weapons when women challenge expectations”. Therefore, she asserts, “True liberation is breaking free from inner and outer expectations, a journey worth embracing despite the bruises”. Listen now, and keep your eyes peeled, as we hear a video will be dropping this week ? .

Words by Grace Powell