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NY faces: Linux

“I sing for my supper and I’m not afraid to admit it.”


Meet Linux, the natural born star of NYC’s nightlife. She’s bold, she’s hot, and she’s not afraid to show it. From throwing her iconic Paul’s Dolls party to making music, Linux is truly an enigma. Oh but that’s not all, get the downtown girl scoop from Linux herself in her column– yes, hot girls can write. In this edition of NY faces, we got the chance to catch up with the socialite, to talk all things from taking shots with Snooki to how to host a real party.

Hi Linux! Where are you originally from and what brought you to New York City?
I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and raised in Wisconsin. Redneck and Midwestern but somehow had a taste for the city life after seeing the skyline in movies and tv shows growing up. I knew New York was the centre of the universe and I just had to be there.

Talk to us a little about your life…what are the major perks of being Linux?
My friends like to joke that I have “Linux Privilege.” It’s like jester privilege, except in a VIP section. I sing for my supper and I’m not afraid to admit it. I dealt with a lot of trauma growing up so now all I want to do is chase bliss and enjoy life as best I can by making others happy through showing them how fabulous they are too.

We see that you’re thoroughly involved in New York nightlife; can you tell us about some of the parties you’re in charge of?
Right now my focus is on my weekly Wednesday night party, Paul’s Dolls, at Paul’s Casablanca in downtown Manhattan. It’s a party thrown by the kids for the kids. I wanna show the young New York crowd how great this city’s nightlife can be – the way it was when I first moved here almost ten years ago. It’s a place where people like us can be free to express ourselves and celebrate life without the prejudices of the outside world. Today we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the party. Paul’s Dolls is a social party, like a house party almost. I’m looking to start a more hardcore club party in the near future that I know the city is going to love.

You are iconically known in the New York scene for your fabulous looks…who are some of your most cherished style icons?
I am most inspired by it-girls of the past, present and future. Women who were trailblazers and unafraid to take risks and embrace their sexuality. I am also inspired by my friends I see out clubbing nightly and the cool kids I hire to host my parties.

We’ve been seeing a lot of “In-and-Out” lists for 2024…what are some of your opinions for what’s, “in” and “out” for the new year?
IN: Hustling your way to the top, smoking cigarettes inside the club, and giving people a chance to show you who they are before jumping to conclusions, texting your mum “I Love You” just because.

OUT: Asking people to follow you on instagram at the club, being rude to door people, internet beef, carbs.

In your opinion, what are the essentials for throwing a fabulous party in New York?
Everything you do is to make your guests happy. Play them music they’ll love, not music for you. Make them feel like VIP. A party is nothing without its guests, so treat them like royalty.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I’d tell you, but he’s in my DM’s and I’m playing hard to get!

Being in charge of so many social gatherings in New York, how do you stay on top of all of the marketing, promotions and party guest relations?
It’s not a job to me, it’s my passion. All of the work I do comes so naturally to me, it’s no different than having sex or eating a meal I love.

Tell us about the most insane experience you’ve ever had in nightlife?
Probably doing shots with Snooki at Paul’s Dolls, that was a childhood dream of mine come true. Or my wild night in Malibu with RuPaul at a friend’s birthday party. Hanging out with idols and getting to hear stories of their life is my favourite pastime.

Is there anything upcoming from you we should be looking forward to?
I’m working on my second album with a few of my favourite New York DJ’s that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. It’s a masterpiece if I do say so myself!

What is the best advice you could give to young queer people who look up to you?
People can smell nastiness from a mile away. Go into everything you do with good intentions and love, and you will succeed no matter what.

Photography and words by Michael O’Hara