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NY Faces: Yasmin Moon

“Perhaps, they’ll miss the fact that I’m the only one wearing fast fashion in an editorial filled with off the runway couture.”

Next talent we catch up with on NY Faces — a series highlighting trailblazers in the most weird and wonderful city — is the one and only Yasmin Moon. From modelling to acting and designing jewellery, Moon is a force of nature that transcends all labels and expectations. Stepping into the eclectic world of her goth-meets-fairy-meets-Renaissance aesthetic, Moon greets us in rhinestoned slippers and spills some tea about the modelling industry and her “accidental child” named Mudd Pearl — her jewellery brand.

Hello Yasmin! To begin, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, nice to meet you! I live in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a model, actress and jewellery designer. But I guess I would say I’m still just a shy small town girl at heart.

When and how were you discovered as a model?

I was signed about seven years ago. I was discovered via Instagram through a series of being in the right place at the right time, and what I like to believe.. hard work 😉

What has been your favourite modelling experience thus far?

Ah, that’s a lot to choose from! Probably early mornings in the makeup chair getting my hair done and gossiping. Physical touch is my love language. I know when I’ve lived a long life, reflecting back, the fact that a part of my job was having someone brush my hair and tell me I’m pretty, I’ll just think “how glamorous.”

How do you believe your modelling career has influenced other individuals like yourself?

I’m not really sure. I’ve had girls say they look up to me or ask for modelling advice because I came into the industry around a time when there was very little size diversity. I’ve been on set as the first curve model a few times over the years, which has been exciting but also exhausting. That’s not the part that people see when the production is done. When the images come out, they get a fantasy and they get to see someone who looks like them being represented. Perhaps, they’ll miss the fact that I’m the only one wearing fast fashion in an editorial filled with off the runway couture.

If you could change one thing about the modelling industry, what would it be?

Models unionising!

Tell us about Mudd Pearl!

That’s my baby.

What is the mission behind Mudd Pearl?

I started it with Mary Anderson, and our vision was to make items that we would want to wear ourselves or give to our friends — pieces that feel like comfort objects and protective amulets. In the new year, I want to pay homage to our friends and family with something special. To be candid, Mudd Pearl was an accidental pregnancy, our bastard child. We didn’t plan on having a full LLC business and we just wanted to make little Depop treats for our friends — doing something that makes us happy.  But she really grew so fast and we’re constantly learning how to do it better. We recently started carrying an exclusive collection with SSENSE, and in the new season we’re going to be reimagining soft and hard comfort objects, but with metals and other mediums.

Have you learned any lessons from the modelling industry that you have applied to owning a business?

Definitely. I had no idea how much I had absorbed about production being on set. I guess I seem reserved because I’m hyper focused on set — I’m always alert. It surprised me, realising that over time I’ve also been soaking up business practices. I ended up having to drop out of school, but floating around the industry gave me some valuable tools.

What does a day in the life of Yasmin Moon look like?

On a good day I wake up, meditate, shower, take my probiotics and tinctures, answer some emails while drinking an iced coffee and a cup of warm goats milk. Then I either go to set or start working on Mudd. I like to do Pilates — if I have time, I’ll try to catch a class in the afternoon. Then I go to sleep at 10pm after cooking myself dinner because I love sleep, it’s the best.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Listening to the same song ten times in a row

Lastly, how do you want to be remembered as?

As someone who is genuine.

Photography and words by Michael O’Hara