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On repeat... DESPECHÁ

Pop a meringue and feel like hot shit

Glamcult are Rosalía stans who cannot be tamed. Every track, every move, every tour TikTok has us strongarmed further into obsession, so when she released her latest track, Despachá, life was put-on-hold and we listened on repeat to our heart’s content. Described as a ‘summer anthem’, Despachá is providing pure up-tempo dance energy, giving our stiffened hips the unwarranted confidence to pop a meringue and feel like hot shit. Describing the song as an ode to “freeness”, allowing the body to move without “reservations or regret”, Rosalía is inviting the world onto her metaphorical stage. Inspired by artists such as Fefita la Grande, Juan Luis Guerra, and Omega this is a song that goes beyond the category of ‘summer anthem’, hovering above the word ‘anthem’ alone.


Words by Grace Powell