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One for all, and Heron for Klein

Season 2 of Heron Preston’s collab with Calvin Klein leaves us feeling naked – in the best way!

If you are what you wear, then what would the wardrobe of a real person look like? Heron Preston conceptualizes exactly this in his second season for Calvin Klein. Since his debut as creative consultant for the brand last season, unisex pieces were key – allowing the wearer to embrace the simplicity and universality of oversized designs. It’s all down to channeling street style with a strong focus on what is essential – some straight-legged sweats, cardigans, and hoodies are pieces that anybody can layer and feel comfortable and empowered as themselves. Preston’s orange details find a comfortable home on organic cotton and recycled nylon and polyester, putting sustainability and accessibility as the two key elements of this line. The freedom to be comfortable while embracing yourself is key to the collection, as well as part of the picture Preston is painting for himself during his time at Calvin Klein.

Part of why this collection fits for everyone can be attributed to its timeless designs. These pieces can never go out of style, as Preston wanted to focus on what people actually wear and stick to it – providing them with sustainable basics that are made to last. Essentially underwear on the outside, S2 gives you a statement base layer, allowing you to layer and style the pieces in the way that feels the most authentically you. Rather than producing a large line, Preston and Klein decided to keep things simple with 35 pieces – while it includes some classic CK basics, more personable designs such as flannel jackets and micro-mesh details give the wearer a wide range of styling options. You want to feel like you’re being celebrated in your clothing – like you are presenting yourself and being seen in a way that’s authentically you. Preston took his Calvin’s and transformed them into all of ours.

Words by Alia Ayoubi

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