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Paris Fashion Week 2021

Au Revoir SS22 xx

It’s finally here – Paris fashion week was a trip and a half, providing us with some of the best looks from the most coveted designers we’ve seen this season. An amazing culmination of the themes, styles, and colors we’ve been seeing over previous fashion weeks, in addition to some completely new and entirely out-of-the-box conceptualizations that we’re frankly obsessed with. Our amazing Fashion Editor, Charles Beugniot, took us through this hectic week, navigating all the twists and turns of each show just so that we could present them all to you guys <3. We wrap SS22 szn up with some highlights of our six favorite collections.

On the topic of absolutely amazing venues for shows, Coperni was not your average snake in the grass. Long hemp stems filled the space as models emerged on the sand covered runway, wearing the forward thinking Spring Summer 2033 collection. The grass was a nod to a move for sustainability, as the grass from the show will be used to make gin in the future, as well as the plants capacity for natural textiles. Along with the notable runway debut of Apple baby Eve Jobs, this collection is truly decades ahead of what we could have even dreamed of.

Vivienne Westwood has become the quintessential 90’s designer as of late, with vintage pieces reappearing on red carpets (see Doja Cat’s VMA’s look). Westwood embraces this resurgence, as her SS22 collection was heavily inspired by her Spring 1998 collection “Tied to the Mast”. Grunge pirate has never looked this sexy – especially when paired with plaid corsets and blazers, giving us all of our alt fantasies.

Let’s be honest.. You’ve probably heard of this show for less than savory reasons. It seems that we cannot stop making the totally human mistake of trying to romanticize suicide and mental illness through fashion (…..), but pushing the noose-necklace aside, there were some gems brought out that we need to discuss. A conglomeration of streetwear with 1940’s influences, along with a soundtrack by Young Thug himself – there were several elements of the show which gave us a peek into the expanding future of the brand.

A concrete courtyard full of smoke, with dried jasmine leaves being sprinkled from the rooftops above at the Palais de Tokyo – the entire show was a step out of reality and into fashion. Michèle Lamy opened the show for Owens, making the entire collection a direct reflection of the designer’s life, experiences, and inspirations

Last – but certainly not least – is Acne Studios SS22 collection. Out from under, this collection is all about what’s underneath, as mesh materials, shapewear, and massive platforms took the forefront with some of this season’s most iconic pieces. Earth tones and browns give the collection a more down-to-earth feel, as light blues and vibrant greens help to make certain pieces pop. Regardless, we feel very connected to our mother earth with this collection, as Acne manages to find the sweet-spot between couture and Gen Z fashion.

Of course there’s still more to come, but this is the end of our Fashion week journey this year. We’ve seen so many amazing collections debut all over the world over the last month – each coming from a different point of inspiration, and embodying the ideals and visions of their designers respectively. Sad to see them go, but love to watch them leave, as we anxiously anticipate these pieces popping up early next year, as well as what FW22 will look like.

Words by Alia Ayoubi