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Patta Soundsystem x Apron Records

Giving everything from “80s inspired driving riddim” to “the grimey and the glittery”.

It’s the collab we didn’t know was coming, but are all the more grateful for now that it has arrived. Introducing, Patta Soundsystem x Apron Records. Dominating since 2014, Apron Records has firmly established itself on the U.K electronic music scene. Deep on their journey (45 releases down), the folks at Apron have joined forces with Amsterdam’s iconic Patta Soundsystem to showcase on vinyl a curated cacophony of global talent. Now, nothing goes better with a heavy selection than a capsule collection, so we are sure you will also be happy to know that alongside all 12″ of fun (?), the team are serving 00’s style Trucker Caps and Graphic Tees sporting the “Better Together” slogan.

The LP, features the likes of System Olympia, Brassfoot, Shamos, J M S Khosah, AshTreJinkins and more. Giving everything from “80s inspired driving riddim” to “the grimey and the glittery”,  this is a showcase of genre-spanning sound so make sure to hook yourself up as this capsule collection covers all its bases.

The Patta Soundsystem x Apron Records capsule collection will be available on Friday, April 15th at 13:00 CEST on patta.nl and in-store in Patta London, Patta Amsterdam and Patta Milano! 

Words by Grace Powell