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PATTA X FAIRTEX ring the bell for round two

Like any good it-girl, the Muay Thai shorts are back and better… and this time, global!


Last year the Patta x Fairtex kickboxing shorts took over the summer here in Amsterdam. And like any good it-girl, they’re back and better… and this time, global! With the goal of bringing together diverse cultures and universal values, these classically silhouetted Muay Thai Shorts also take the brand closer to home, drawing inspiration from its Surinamese origins through a showcasing of the indigenous people of their motherland and drawings used within Surinam heraldry. Alongside this, the shorts also feature three St. Andrew’s Cross details in a shield, a symbol that is synonymous with the city Patta (and we) now call home, Amsterdam. Made from 100% Micro Satin fabric, alongside its stitching, these shorts not only look good but are also made good. Giving you the freedom to move, kick, flip — or whatever you’re up to in your free time — these are the shorts on all of our wishlists.

Words by Grace Powell

Shop the shorts on August 25th at 13:00 here!