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Points of View with Versace Jeans Couture

Embracing emerging voices and celebrating the cultural epicentre of the world: New York City

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of New York City’s creative energy as the iconic Versace Jeans Couture unveils its spring-summer ’23 denim campaign. Celebrating the diverse viewpoints found in the city, this campaign showcases not only an exquisite collection, but also the multitude of ways in which to wear it. Always captivated by the brands’ modernistic take on fashion, their latest seasonal line comes to life amidst the bustling streets of downtown New York, portrayed in a series of alluring images shot by the renowned American photographer, Grace Ahlbom. Skillfully merging elements of docu-style photography with a diary-style narrative, Ahlborn weaved us through a tale of individual introspection, artistic expression, and unfiltered intimacy into the wearers every day. 


The wearers you ask? Stepping into the spotlight are two extraordinary talents chosen through their embodiment of the very essence of this campaign: musician Aaron Maine, and the multi-talented, Talia Goddess

Aaron Maine is a musician, songwriter, and producer, who has left a lasting impression on the music scene starting his career in 2010 with the synth-pop band Porches. Since then, Maine has gained recognition for his dynamic and innovative approach to music, collaborating with renowned artists, captivating his audience with live performances, and building a dedicated fanbase worldwide. His relentless dedication to his craft — and commitment to authenticity — has solidified his status as a creative force in the city. Alongside Maine, and hailing from Brooklyn, Talia flawlessly channels the creative energy of her hometown as a singer-songwriter, rapper, DJ, producer, and model. A rising star whose boundless creativity knows no bounds, Talia effortlessly blends genres, infusing her music with a unique fusion of sounds and captivating lyrics. 

Set against the iconic backdrop of the Lower East Side, these gorgeous images capture the captivating beauty found within the hidden moments and everyday simplicity of city life (the moments we sometimes forget to cherish). By delving into the artists’ perspectives of their hometown, the campaign offers glimpses into their reflections within the vibrant metropolis, alongside the softness of the city rarely seen. New York City never looked so at peace.

Versace Jeans Couture’s upcoming collection is a truly irresistible kaleidoscope of items making their way onto our wishlist. We can already picture ourselves in the stunning high-waisted denim skirt and bralette set, a true embodiment of Versace Jeans Couture‘s sexy-yet-sleek style. Creating a modern twist on the classic 90s denim minidress, these pieces feature a button-down design, distressed denim, a captivating deep V-neckline, and a contemporary break between the bralette and skirt. It’s a must-have for fashion enthusiasts seeking to make a statement.

Staying true to the collection’s denim motif, the oversized utility-style jacket, designed to effortlessly elevate any summer outfit, boasts four deep front pockets, a boxy fit, and a casual dropped shoulder, this jacket perfectly combines practicality and a utilitarian-forward flair. Whether you’re whipping out the microskirts this summer or laying low in oversized cargos, this jacket is the ideal complement, completing your ensemble. 


Alongside this, and drawing inspiration from Versace’s iconic Twigs and Roses show of 1997, Versace Jeans Couture has also created a vibrant co-ord that pays homage to the era. This coordinated outfit captures the essence of the brand’s luxurious aesthetic. With versatility, these pieces effortlessly elevate your look for any occasion. Last (but certainly not least), let’s talk about our showstopper—the purple Versace Jeans Couture printed shirt and micro-bralette set. This ensemble perfectly blends luxury and street style, fusing Versace’s unmistakable aesthetic with a contemporary reinterpretation of early hip-hop fashion. It’s an outfit that transcends the era into spring-summer ‘23. 

Overall, this collection exemplifies Versace’s commitment to embracing emerging voices and celebrating New York as a cultural epicentre. With its fusion of retro-inspired designs and modern twists, it encapsulates the brand’s signature style. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Twigs and Roses show of 1997, the collection pays homage to Versace’s rich history while pushing the boundaries of fashion forward.

Versace Jeans Couture spring-summer ‘23 Denim collection 

Photography by Grace Ahlbom

Words by Grace Powell