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Prada FW21

the post-pandemic party scene


The powerful and pristine designer duo – Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons – have teamed up again with prominent Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas to create another gorgeously intimate ( yet virtual) show. Reminiscent of their previous FW ’21 Menswear collaboration, this presentation proved equally stunning, with a 70’s appreciation and an exuberant optimism we all needed to see. 

In creating this collection, the pair had one primary purpose: to make us feel something through the use of colours and shapes. Indeed, mission complete, with purple backgrounds screaming opulant peace and a blue sheen of stability and trust creates the backdrop to an equally sensory collection. This season, Prada has us prepared for post-pandemic partying with big (faux!!!) fur cardigans, glamourous glitter coats and showstopping colours. Both of the designer’s trademarks made frequent appearances (think: the touch of the small Prada pockets on the gloves and the classic oversized Raf bomber). Raf’s distinctive straight lines, high turtlenecks and strong suits combined with Prada’s eye for different textures resulted in a feast for our party-hungry eyes. Strikingly, Raf brought the pinstripes back again, something Mrs Prada has previously renounced herself from.

In their after-talk ‘Prada intersections’, Simons stated: ‘’We wanted to create a space that physically relates a lot to the clothes and the intentions we have with the collection. Thats why we had such a strong relation to the actual space, psychologically and physically.’’ While a big chunk of the virtual show is extravagant and glamorous, Prada toned it more down at the end, giving away the basis that hides under the layers of luxuriant coats and long dresses. The virtual fashion show contains a sense of intimacy indeed, there was more to it than simply clothes passing by. Simons and Prada seem to be gradually gravitating towards the same wavelength, leaving us hungry for what they still have in store for us.


Words by Brechtje Polman