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Must-see: Prophétique at Holland Festival

An Underground Transgender Community on the Overground Stage

A radiating transgender community, called ‘Les Folles’ from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) bursts onto the stage at Holland Festival, unleashing their vivacious multitudinous identities in an impressive dance performance. What’s pulling us to this dynamic spectacle is the sensibility that director Nadia Beugré has for her subjects. She directs the work Prophétique (On Est Déjà Né Es) to give a stage to this community, to be seen, acknowledged and embraced in a new light. The group being the embodiment of a collectively courageous entity fuel Beugré’s motivations for the piece. She retraces the essences and narratives from the stories and encounters she had with Les Folles and invites you to hear their voices amplified. The piece comes to life through a group of un-formally trained but nonetheless talent-filled individuals, along with local dancers and performers from Europe to unravel their journey.


Oscillating between their dichotomous identities, ordinary in the day and liberating their true selves at night, the individuals unleash a free-flowing propulsion of dance. Their own dance styles awaken and pour out onto the floor as they physically conversate with one another. Arm fluctuations or floor movements come through as they dig into hints of vogueing and coupé décalé.

With her goals of integrating themes surrounding gender and identity into her work, Beugré pricks her audience with a clinging residue of vulnerability. With an interplay between self and society, untouched identity and suppressive norms, she particularly aims to emphasize perspectives and journeys that are too often dismissed or overshadowed. She takes those whom she calls ‘stranded’ and guides them to new dimensions, in hopes that her audience (like you) can take foot into that journey with her.

Prophétique (On Est Déjà Né Es) is part of this year’s Holland Festival, for tickets and more information regarding programming click here!

Showing from 16 to 18 June at Frascati, Nes 63, 1012 KD Amsterdam

Words by Lara Somoroff