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Radical Tracks: The NIGHT Issue

A playlist celebrating the artists, energies and inspirations emulating from Glamcult’s The NIGHT Issue.

Friday is finally here, and aside from being generally the best day of the week, it also marks the official launch of Glamcult’s AW ’23 edition, titled The NIGHT Issue. A concept close to our hearts, this issue poses the question: How can we engage with, create, and authentically share stories of the night? In our exploration of this theme, we embarked on a journey into the nocturnal realm, acknowledging and celebrating those who foster a sense of belonging within the darkness of the day. These individuals, including artists, designers, writers, and musicians, are united by their enriching insights into the existing (sub)cultures of the night and their ever-unfolding metamorphosis.

The crafting and curation of this issue have been influenced by a diverse array of sources, each of which has uniquely contributed to the content of the magazine. Music, in particular, has undeniably played a central role. From the creation of initial moodboards to the immersive sonic experiences offered by artists such as Kedr Livanskiy, Mura Masa, and Bikôkô, as well as the captivating allure of Eartheater‘s ethereal and meditative tracks, this playlist truly serves as the foundation of our creative journey.

Dive into 100 songs and 5 hours of content that form the backbone of Glamcult’s The NIGHT Issue.

Words and curation by Grace Powell