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Glenn Martens spearheads Diesels latest campaign

Lust, love and raw intimacy are the key components to Glenn Martens tender, yet potent debut campaign for DIESEL. With its stunning visuals and rising electricity, DIESELS new Creative Director has completely won over our hearts! The short film ‘’When Together’’ is a passionate display of the challenges and tensions that arise when lovers are separated due to distance and borders. The campaign stars eight real-life couples that guide us through the messy mix of cravings we encounter when in love, or apart from our partners. The rollercoaster ride of emotions that arises is ever so universal, and makes DIESEL’s depiction of the dynamic nature of desire directly heartfelt.

Compiled together,  stories of the eight couples form a contrast made up of torturous loneliness and ecstatic bliss that are stirred by affection and desire. Martens shows us ourselves under the influence of infatuation, through the lens of sixteen lovers that have highly anticipated a reconnection with their significant other. DIESEL, with every pre-existing physical and non-physical barrier now washed away, grants us this intense intimacy.

‘’Longing is felt through the stomach’’. The short film depicts our deepest desires for the physical touch, smell and sound of our lovers. In the mix is also some very fiery lovemaking, making our hearts beat faster and faster as the seconds accumulate. Dressed up in -sometimes not much more than- DIESEL jeans and a denim jacket, the couples are looking hot as hell while we see them in their most intimate and sensual state. 

What makes ‘’When Together’’’ so raw are the lovers’ heartfelt experiences shared over the telephone, talking us through their earnest cravings, sadness and absolute admiration for their partner. The short film exhibits the endless forms of love that exist, visualising that everyone can love and be loved in their own way (while this paradoxically also evokes emotions we all have in common).


Isn’t it love -and all the challenges that arise when absent-, that makes us human after all? One thing is for sure: we have absolutely fallen head over heels for DIESELS new collection. Disclaimer: it will probably win over your heart as well!

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Words by Brechtje Polman