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Recharge and Revolt at MELKWEG

Transcending us into the heart of Ukrainian rave culture

ADE is fast approaching, and it’s about time we got ready for one of our beloved cities’ biggest annual events. Amsterdam Dance Event is a five-day electronic music extravaganza held in clubs and interesting locations across the city in mid-October. One spot you will find us at is the iconic MELKWEG, who this year during ADE will be transcending us into the heart of Ukrainian rave culture through their highly anticipated group exhibition, Recharge and Revolt. The exhibition will be making its ‘grand debut’ on Wednesday, October 18th running until November 26th, bringing forth an electrifying fusion of art, music, and activism. Curated by two visionary Ukrainian guest curators, Maria Vtorushina and Anton Shebetko, this free exhibition promises to be a rave revelation.

Recharge and Revolt invite attendees to dive headfirst into the vibrant realm of Ukraine’s rave culture and discover how it serves as an expression of profound resistance, particularly within the Queer community. Shedding light on the powerful role that art and music play in challenging societal norms and championing inclusivity, the night showcases a stunning lineup of Ukrainian multimedia artists and collectives who all uniquely harness the potent energy of the country’s rave scene to foster change and provoke conversations. Among the many featured talents who will be taking part in Recharge and Revolt, names such as Yana Bachynska, Vic Bakin, Lesha Berezovskiy, Illia Chernysh, Oleksandr Halishchuk, Angelika Ustymenko, and many more will be present!

Ultimately, Recharge and Revolt promises to be an unforgettable ADE journey shining a spotlight on the importance of Ukrainian rave culture and its role in (Queer) resistance, encouraging us all to re-evaluate the power of creative expression to hopefully help shape a more inclusive and accepting world. So get your calendars marked for October 18th, and join us at Melkweg as the city of Amsterdam transforms into a haven for art enthusiasts, music aficionados, and champions of change. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this experience and learn more here!


Recharge and Revolt

Opening October 18th — 26th November 2023

Learn more here!