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Renaissance on 24th Street

The Harlem Renaissance- NO SESSO FW20 line. 


There’s that moment when a line truly hits the mark, and there’s another when the campaign images are released and the vision catapults in even harder. NO SESSO did just that for their FW20 collection. The line, ‘A Vignette of the Renaissance on 24th Street’,  created by Pierre Davis and Autumn Randolph, pays homage to African American culture during the Harlem Renaissance; a social movement during the ’20s and ’30s which saw an explosion of art and academia constituting a ‘rebirth’ of African American culture. The campaign, shot by Clifford Prince King, hones in on this experience, taking inspirations from the creatives involved surroundings. For truly unique clothing, and a story to be told check out the collection and keep a keen eye on NO SESSO going forward!  

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Words by Grace Powell