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Rick Owens SS'21

Angel Crew


No one does on-location quite like Rick Owens. The powerhouse recently shared with the world his Spring 2022 Menswear collection late last week, marking the final chapter in his Venetian tetralogy. Ceremoniously walking away from the pier of his previous show, we see angel-like models dressed in Owen’s typically tonal palette streamlining through the sand, framed by both the sea and fountains of water shooting into the sky; connoting what can only be described as a heavenly ascent. Garments flowing in the wind, armed with the power of Poseidon, it’s hard not to revel in their tenacity, technicality and the looks overall immortality before diving right into all the details we are faced with.


Championing boxy silhouettes, oversized blazers and typically knit vests to the pulsing of (what is described in the CC as) ‘aggressive techno’, however, we begin to question is DnB back? An environment is created, framing the stomping of the iconic platform boots, now reduced to calf-hight, and made with build-in smoke machines.

Amongst a cacophony of notable moments, there are references that cannot be ignored. From a pair of black flares that combine the 70’s freedom with a punk aesthetic, styled alongside a black low cut jacket and large sunglasses, to the oversized structured shoulder pads and tailored jackets and blazers – enchanting us with a delicate combination of powerful elegance. Another key element of the collection is the baggy, yet pristinely shaped trousers – a far cry from the harem’s of 2010, coming in an off-white mirage. Overall the collection is what we have come to love Rick Owens for; powerful, serene, and best of all, consistent. Whether your an angel strolling the beach or a raver off to your next warehouse, there’s a moment to be had, and as with every season with Owens… we are eating it right up!

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All images courtesy of Rick Owens

Words by Grace Powell