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Mythological Beauty: Sankuanz SS24

Giantess and her pitbull are ready to stomp all over PFW


Giantess is the mythological hero we need – the enigmatically fierce character who shall not contain her being by any means. Channelling this unapologetic spirit, Sankuanz creates their own interpretation of the mythical figure, the one that could pull off both abrasive laser-printed stained denim or passionately red flowing dresses if she wishes. Elsewhere, worn-in vintage biker-feel leather jacket and mini skirt are paired with a graphic rhinestoned crop top. But don’t be fooled – the bejewelled ‘cherries’ are actually inspired by a traditional Chinese weapon, meteor hammer, which first appeared as spherical spiked purses in the brand’s AW21 show, and continue to exemplify Sankuanz’ femme fatale vision. This is further explored through the collaboration with the artist Amanda Ba, whose gripping paintings of the Giantess and her pitbull find their ways on shirt blouses, skin-hugging mesh tops and asymmetrically draped skirts graciously trailing over the runway floor.

A special mention goes to the exceptional choice of jewellery, like the metallic mesh mask intricately adorned with miniature daggers and spikes. The Sankuanz dagger makes its subtle appearance throughout, – from intricately adorning metallic mesh masks to drawstring ends and footwear details – like an amulet for a woman warrior who fights on her own terms, with honour, resilience, and style.

Photography by Jaane

Words by Evita Shrestha